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RAge 2015: Logitech’s Andreas Schicker

G633 Logitec Headset

The Rage Expo has always been the African hub of the gaming, technology and all round geek community. Essentially, Africa’s closest thing to E3.

The GES team were spirited into a near conference room to meet the EMEA Regional head of Gaming for Logitech; Andreas Schicker.

Andreas Schicker is definitely a gamer at heart, and it’s great to hear about his passion toward gaming and his interest in the gaming culture here in South Africa.

While the expose’ didn’t reveal much about the future of Logitech or it’s direction looking toward 2016, some thing we were able to pick up on, was the thinking of Logitech when it comes to South Africa:

Schicker mentioned that Logitech’s immediate focus would be around their the growth of eSports around the world He didn’t mention South Africa specifically, but if the recent rAge LAN and prize giving is anything to go by, South Africa has a premium stock of clans to choose from.

Sponsorships for these teams seeming to be the primary focus for their brand placement.

Looking at retaining it’s position as a high quality and high value product and brand over an entry level product, Logitech’s aim is to do what they do, as good as possible, rather than innovating into a new entry markets.

As Schicker says: “We don’t do well at entry level”.

We probably won’t see any major technological advancements coming from Logitech, but they will be developing their current range of gear further, with special emphasis on headsets and wireless headsets such as the G633 gaming headset.

Outside of gaming gear, Logitech aims to integrate their technology into your gaming experience, combining their hardware with their software to build a personal gaming environment.

Mentioning that Logitech wants to express their passion for the science of what they do

Some of these integrations is the vibration or colour shifting of headsets or equipment as gaming environments change to name a very basic point. Other integrations include customising your gear to suit your gaming style or experience. Nothing seems stock when it comes to Logitech’s approach to gaming.

Schicker emphasised that Logitech again, wants to keep it’s products high in value and in quality. Mentioning that Logitech wants to express their passion for the science of what they do, rather than just technical gimmickry.

For more information at what went down at rAge Expo 2015, check this out!

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