Proposal at GES rAge Cosplay Contest

Something special happened at our annual GES rAge Cosplay Contest on the skit show. Two of our Awesome Cosplayers, Maou & Chiaki, got engaged! We are very happy for the couple and super stoked that they shared this moment with all of us. Obviously a lot of us have tons of questions so we asked the couple if we could asked them some questions and do a post on our site.

Can you tell us a bit of how you and Chiaki met?

It was at the AWX 2015 cosplay event. We only noticed each other and then after that, we talked on Facebook a little bit. We first officially hung out at Chiaki’s birthday party. Chiaki claims that it was love at first sight for her at the event though.


Would you like to share any challenges you two had to face and helped you get through them?

Maou: I am a very stubborn person. It was also quite a struggle for Chiaki and I to adapt to each other’s work habits, because I’m a workaholic.

Chiaki: Maou helped me through a lot of my family troubles because my family really wasn’t and isn’t happy about the relationship.


Was there a specific moment that you knew when Chiaki was the one?

Chia and I have been talking about marriage for quite a while already and we knew we wanted to be together forever. It was just a thing we talked about. I guess that’s why I knew she wouldn’t say no. I just wanted to make it more official, make her feel special.


What made you decide to pop the question at rAge on the Cosplay Skit Show?

I had the idea last year rAge already. I just had this random idea of proposing to Chia as a character that would be proposing already in character. It may sound a little weird, but cosplay is such a big part of our lives and it’s how we met so it’s special. Since that original thought, I’ve been obsessing over it and I started planning to do it this year.


This is early days but you will get this question a lot: Have you two decided on a date yet?

Well, our dating anniversary is on the 17th of August. We really want to have the wedding day on the same day but we don’t have an idea of which year yet.


I would like to Thank both Maou and Chiaki for taking the time to answer our questions. From the entire GES team we would like to wish them the best happiness and all the luck with their future plans.

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