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What follows below is a data friendly written preview feature of this newly developed card game.

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Now I know that I’m not the only one who spent waaaay too many hours playing Assassin’s Creed, God of war and a little bit of Call of Duty and accidentally found myself coming up with creative (and dare I say) inventive ways of offing some frienemies and family.

Image my sheer elation when I discovered the sheer AWESOMENESS that is MURDER ON THE CARDS.

MURDER ON THE CARDS is a new card game developed by South African based inventors, Samantha and Steve, a happily married duo out to bring a little fun into the world.

I emphasise the happily married part because I wouldn’t want either of them to be a suspect if anything ever happened to the other (when you see the cards you will understand exactly why.)

Samantha is a Strategist in the digital marketing world (hence the Save Yourself options- I will tell you about that in a little bit), and Steve is all about keeping IT systems up and running (you’ll notice how no murder scenarios happen within either of these industries in the game… too close to home methinks).


Okay so the game is a card game and it is rigged to kill you – all you have to do to win is make like a Bee-Gees song and stay alive the longest to win!

There are three classes of cards, namely :

1. To Your Demise Cards (the ones that are trying to kill you),

2. Save Yourself Cards, and

3. Life Cards.

At the start of the game, every player gets a mix of Save Yourself Cards and a Life Card in their hand to combat the To Your Demise cards placed in the middle of the players.

Every turn, a player picks up a To Your Demise card and hopes they have the right Save Yourself card to thwart whatever murderous scenario is on it – if they don’t, they can call on the kindness (they hope) of the other players in the game to help them out.

It gets slightly tricky though because Players are also pitted against each other in certain special To Your Demise cards, so keep your friends close.

The game is fast paced, frantic and fun- because in reality, death shouldn’t involve a commitment.

Honestly Speaking, I was so taken away by the concept, I couldn’t resist trying my luck to get more information. So I was able to reach out to Samantha, the big cheese behind the scenes to have a quick chat:

NOTE: DZB = DarthZadyBun & SAM = Samantha

DZB: Okay seriously girl, level with me – what sequence of events damaged your soul so badly that you came up with a game that is literally to die for?

SAM: This is probably actually the last game anyone who knows me would have expected me to come up with – I can’t handle gore and never watch scary movies, and then all of a sudden (I) start talking about a card game that wants to kill you!

But that’s the fun part, it’s all dark humour and tongue in cheek….no guts, no gore, just good clean murder.

I’ve been wanting to make a table top game for a while, and knew I just needed the perfect idea to come to me to get going. I’ve always enjoyed mystery games like Cluedo and other dark humour ones like Cards Against Humanity; so Murder on the Cards ended up being the natural evolution for me.

DZB: Well the game certainly has a few …I’m going to say “interesting scenarios”, I am definitely never going through your Internet browser history that’s for damned sure!  I saw that the  game is currently in the crowd funding stage – sadly South Africans are still a little behind on that concept, so how can we get involved?

SAM: It’ really the easiest thing – You can go to our page and take a look through our reward tiers and see if one takes your fancy. Then you just follow the prompts to donate and Bang! – sorted!

By backing us through the reward tiers you help us get closer to our tipping point so we can manufacture the game. We offer a series of cool rewards, ranging from the game itself to having the chance to create your own card that will be included in the final pack.

If you can’t back us at the moment then we’d appreciate any word of mouth or sharing of the link… The more people who become keen, the more likely we are to be able to put Murder on the Cards on a coffee table near you.

We do only have a few days left on our Thundafund crowd funding though, so if things don’t pick up enough we’ll be looking at doing a Kickstarter campaign later in the year.

DZB: Ah, okay – but once the process is over; can you estimate when will the game will be available and where can our friends buy the game?

SAM: At the moment the only way for the public to play the game is to head down to The Batcave in Hillcrest (Durban) where we’ve left a demo pack for anyone to play.

It’s difficult to project a definitie release date; though depending on our crowd funding campaigns though, we hope to have the game available towards the end of this year / early next year.

I should mention that our  crowd funding backers will get their copy of the game first if we reach our tipping point.

DZB: I have been chatting to you guys for  little while on social media and you guys are crazy – where can the rest of our friends and followers out there find you to keep up to date with you guys?

SAM: We’re pretty active on social media, and would definitely add a little something to your feed that just wasn’t there before, so come say “Hi!: at:

Instagram: @murderonthecards

Facebook: Murder on the Cards

For more in-depth queries or special orders feel free to drop us a mail at

DZB: It’s certainly a mammoth undertaking and a brilliantly novel idea you guys came up with. Still though, it’s a very competitive market and it can’t be easy bringing this to life so if there were a shout out you could send to our friends out there what would that be?

SAM: We have had seriously awesome support from those around us and we couldn’t be more grateful. We decided to just jump in and give this a go and I half expected people to think we were a bit crazy to try, but friends and family have helped us so much – from play testing to work out the kinks, to spreading the word, taking an interest and backing us on Thundafund.

We know some awesome people who really want Murder on the Cards for some reason – but we won’t analyse that too much.

DZB: All things being equal, I think that might just be the safest plan for everyone involved.



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