Pre World of Warcraft Legion To Do List – Be Prepared

Be Prepared!

World of Warcraft Legion is nearly upon us!

If you have not pre-ordered your copy yet, do so now! You will get an instant level 100 boost token which you can apply to any of your toons, new or existing. You will also get access to the Demon Hunter class a few weeks before launch, which should start rolling out within the next two or so weeks (hopefully).

As a dedicated WoW player, I have put together a list of tips and hints to get you ready for Legion. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment or add to my list below if you feel I missed anything.

1. Max out Level 100 on your alts

By now you have completed all of the Warlords of Draenor raids, pushed through content and achieved the Loremaster of Draenor title granting you flight in the expansion linking to all your alts, irrespective of realm. Now is a very good time to max out each alt to level 100 in preparation for the Legion Expansion, allowing you to hit straight into action, instead of playing catch-up and missing out on the pre-launch in-game events and rewards due to not meeting level requirements.

2. Level your Profs

As with each new expansion, you can make loads of gold by having your main professions maxed out, allowing you to craft the brand new gear, gem, weapon and enchanting items that everyone so desperately wants to give them the iLevel boost to get into dungeons faster and ultimately raid. Do the hard work now while mats are cheap on the AH. Once that is maxed out, focus on your secondary professions like cooking, fishing and first aid.

3. Clean your bags and bank tabs

The last thing you want is to start the expansion with your bank tabs full of useless items dating back to Vanilla WoW! Stop being a “digital pack-rat” and get rid of the stuff you have not used in the past two (max three) expansions. If you are a Guild Master, it is also a good idea to tidy up the guild bank tabs, as this will allow space to store mats and pots to prepare for Legion guild raids. Time is valuable, especially if you are aiming for realm first achievements, you do not need a messy house delaying your reputation.

4. Farm Transmog Gear

Legion is introducing a sweet Transmog Wardrobe feature. Instead of keeping cosmetic gear in a Void Storage, your bank or in our bags, Legion’s patch 7.0 will introduce a wardrobe tab, similar to the Toy Box and Heirloom Items. It’s basically a huge new collection tab where you can track all the items you looted during our journey (theoretically since Vanilla), whether it’s cosmetic or something low-level from previous dungeons or raids. Stock up on the pretty things now so you can look like a baws at all times.

5. Farm Mounts

It was hard as all heck to get the raid mounts during their respective expansions. In some instances, it took a few weeks to finally get a chance to roll on a drop or participate in the “Glory of the Raider” runs. It is now possible to solo run 25-man raids, as far as Firelands. You may need a few guildies to help with MoP (Mists of Pandaria) raids if you wanted specifics from there. Go get your sweet Frostwyrm and Drake mounts from WotLK (Wrath of the Lich King) raids today!

6. Finalize Legendary Quests

A few of us have some aspects of our Legendary quest-line to complete still, whether it be for the Pandaria cloak or the Warlords ring, finish up what is remaining, it should not take too long now with all aspects of the game being nerfed nicely. Do not enter into Legion with that looming, you will have your hands full trying to get your artifact!

7. Get ready for your Artifact Quest-line

In Legion, Blizzard will allow each class to earn a unique special weapon refered to as an “artifact”. In addition to being uniquely suited to your character class, these artifacts are based on weapons from Warcraft lore! As an example, if you have a Shammy, you can earn Thrall’s hammer, Doomhammer, while Pally’s will get to wield Ashbringer! Better yet, is that you will be able to uniquely customize your artifact, to make sure yours does not look like every other artifact in your class owned by other players.

8. Brush up on Warcraft Lore

If you have joined WoW recently, then it is a very good idea to brush up on the lore of Azeroth, Outland, the Elves and pretty much everything that happened pre-BC (Burning Crusade). It may sound annoying, but it will seriously help you enjoy Legion even more, so pop on over to WoW-Wiki and click around and read up on Illidan Stormrage, and see where it takes you. There are even a few books and comics available to bolster your knowledge.

9. Join an active Leveling and Raiding Guild

For years, we have been speculating the release of a “Emerald Dream” expansion. Finally that theory can be laid to rest, as we will finally be entering The Emerald Dream, through a raid consisting of 7 bad-ass bosses. If you want exclusive access and dont want to be annoyed by pug LFR groups, see what guilds are recruiting on your realm right now, check out their previous raid progression and join the ones that offer you a good raid spot in return for your dedication, it will be 100% worth.

World of Warcraft Legion Teaser Trailer

World of Warcraft Legion Cinematic Trailer

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