Power Rangers Beast Morphers: Beast-X Megazord – 2019 Xmas Gift Guide

Would you believe that the Power Rangers series has been around for 26 year? Well, believe it, Power Rangers first appeared on our screen over 26 years ago and has built a solid fan base since and creating new ones with every new generation.

Power Ranger Beast Morphers is the latest in the series and started airing locally on DSTV since 26 September 2019. We had the opportunity to look at one of the toy ranges that is now available in store. Yes, I am lucky enough to look at the Beast-X Megazord.

The Beast-X Megazord stand 25cm tall and includes weapon accessories to better battle your enemies. The figure is made of good quality material with normal arm and leg manoeuvrability. The hands can also rotate in a 360 circle movement and lastly the head can rotate about 70 degrees. One fault I could find is that the back of a lot of the parts are empty, for instance, the sword is whole on the one side, but the other side is and indented shell. For more realistic appeal this could have been full moulds in the back and front.

Everyone has a favourite Power Ranger but morphing together as a team and forming the Beast-X Megazord is the next best step and the only toy that will beat this in the series is the Beast-X Ultrazord.

Here is some info on the complete toy range of the new Power Rangers Beast Morphers:

  • The 15-cm Power Rangers Beast Morphers figures* feature multiple points of articulation and design. With the included Morph-X key, kids can imagine unlocking hero powers in the Beast-X Morpher toy (sold separately).
  • Re-create all the martial arts action scenes of the Power Rangers as they fight to protect the Morph-X with the 30-cm Power Rangers Beast Morphers figures assortment*, which includes Red and Blue Power Rangers figures, plus Cybervillain Blaze. Each figure includes a character inspired accessory.
  • Imagine teaming up and battling the Power Rangers’ toughest enemies with the Power Rangers Beast Morphers Action Zord Assortment*. Standing 25-cm tall, and with the included accessories, these action figure toys are ready for action against any foe. This assortment includes Beast-X Megazord and Beast Racer Megazord figures.
  • When the villain is too powerful for the Power Rangers alone, they summon their Zords and join to form the Beast-X Ultrazord, the ultimate in Morphin power! The Ultrazord motion activated talking action figure with sound effects features more than 30 sounds and phrases and can detect certain positions and say appropriately cool things like “Beast-X Ultrazord attack!”, “Wow! We’re going fast now!”, and “Woah! Everything’s upside down!” Includes accessory for extra fun.
  • Imagine calling on the power of the Converting Zords* and battling the Power Rangers’ toughest enemies. Look out for the Beast Racer Converting Zord, Beast Wheeler Converting Zord and the Beast Chopper Converting Zord for lots more fun action.

Recreate your favourite scenes with exciting Role Play accessories including masks, swords and morpher.

  • Mask Up like a true Ranger with the Power Rangers Beast Morphers Ranger Mask and imagine morphing into action for Halloween, party time, or everyday adventures.
  • Battle the bad guys as the Red Ranger with a sword inspired by his cheetah power. The Power Rangers Beast Morphers Cheetah Blade looks like it’s ready for action, with it’s cool plastic blade projecting from the mouth of the cheetah handle.
  • The Power Rangers Beast Morphers Beast-X Electronic Saber features lights and reactive sound effects that respond to certain kids’ movements as they imagine battling their foes as one of the Power Rangers.
  • In the Power Rangers Beast Morphers series, Rangers morph into their superhuman form by activating their Morpher. Now kids can imagine activating their own superpowers with the Beast-X Morpher toy. Putting it on the wrist and saying “It’s Morphin Time” activates music, lights and sound effects. Insert the included Morph-X key to unlock character sounds and phrases. Look for other Power Rangers items that include Morph-X keys to unlock other sounds and phrases (Sold separately. Subject to availability.)

The Beast-X Megazord is a definite a must add item on any fan’s Xmas list for 2019. The toy range is now available in stores and online at Toys R Us, Toy Kingdom, Toy Zone, Checkers and Takealot.com.

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