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Be prepared, GT7 (Gran Turismo 7) finally has a worthy challenger that stepped up to the plate and Forza delivered not just a contender that fell short unlike previous generations of the more sim element of the game compared to the popular Horizon series.

Forza is a series of simulation racing games for Xbox consoles and Microsoft Windows published by Xbox Game Studios. The series seeks to emulate the performance and handling characteristics of many real-life production, modified, and racing cars.

Forza 7 Pit Crew 4K

After the rumors that Turn 10 staff have moved their focus to Rennsport and its development as a simulation, BUT we were swept off our feet with FM (Forza Motorsport). Yes, we were all impressed by the initial teasers and rumors but to deliver to that extent I would agree that it was fully worth the wait.

Although calling the game is simulation might be accurate for the lower class cars and upgrades it falls a bit short when compared to the “true” simulation titles such as iRacing or RFactor2, this does not mean that the game did not achieve its goals.

After spending several days playing the game non-stop and playing even more when my boss isn’t looking it speaks for itself, it’s a great game with beautiful audio to give you goosebumps and graphics that are just stunning.

The game is made to fit every type of gamer, from the casual gamer with a mouse and keyboard, all the way to those in proper sim rigs and even going beyond that to help visually impaired people to be able to complete their 1st lap on their favorite circuit, this is the type of innovation we love to see.

When it comes to the gameplay itself we start with the base cars which all have their unique issues and use car XP to get upgrades to make it a well-oiled machine, from feeling a new transmission is needed to better tires or Anti Roll Bars (this might be a bit technical, I am a sim racer that loves to understand the gimmicks of cars) but the overall feeling of the lower class cars are in general just understeery.

Once you arrive at the high-end cars and start driving GT3s or GTE the cars are the complete opposite and feels a lot more sensitive to other titles, but again, nothing some tuning can’t fix!

As an arcade game, Forza has set a new standard and might push GT7 which will end up giving us 2 amazing games with future updates, but as a simulation the best way to explain this is that it’s a great introduction to the world of sim racing, making a mistake or doing incorrect inputs is not as harshly punished as in simulators but would give you an idea towards if Simracing might be something for you to look into.

Final Thoughts: A next-level game that can rival one of the all-time favorite games means that you have reached a new height and passed the wall that was holding you back in the previous iterations of the game, as a simulation it is more of an entry to that world and still an arcade game at heart.

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  • You will be glued to your chair
  • Stunning game
  • Performance upgrades can really be felt
  • People with Disabilities are catered for
  • Great introduction to simracing


  • Not really any form of story to the career
  • There are some bugs and crashes when buying part or a new car