Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Jake Sully has built a resistance and pushed back the RDA, which we all know, BUT we never stopped to thought what happened on the other side of the island, with Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora we finally have that answer.

Abducted by the human militaristic corporation known as the RDA, you, a Na’vi, were trained and molded to serve their purpose. Fifteen years later, you are free, but find yourself a stranger in your birthplace. Reconnect with your lost heritage, discover what it truly means to be Na’vi, and join other clans to protect Pandora from the RDA.

Starting in the RDA headquarters seeing one of your fellow Na’vi get killed because of a failed escape you decide to stay at the RDA until a later period when all hell breaks loose and you are rescued, we won’t go into too much detail and spoil it.

Once you experience Pandora for the 1st time, astonishing does not comprehend how beautiful the world is, with not just animals running around from herbivores to predators which you can use your journal to track and get more information on, but the world itself feels and looks alive, staying true to the breathtaking world created by James Cameron.

You hear the world teeming with life, until you explore a dead piece of the wilderness and realize that the RDA has stationed an outpost nearby killing any form of wildlife, it is your job to sabotage them and get them off the land to see Eywa restore the surrounding wilderness.

Playing the game on a controller does have its challenges but that is possibly just because I am too used to a mouse and keyboard, the free running and auto-climbing features on the controller makes running enjoyable and you end up racing yourself through the world, but when it comes to hunting or fighting it just never feels as if you can get the sensitivity precisely as you want it, which does lead to some unfortunate deaths or escapes.

Ubisoft was accused by some as a developer who has too many things showing on their HUD, Avatar addressed this concern by nearly having no HUD at all, only showing information and messages when needed.

The only unfortunate part was that it can be a struggle finding your way without a mini-map, the crafting, upgrading of equipment, and foraging for food and medicine to heal with gives a brand new perspective to Avatar as a game, with a Far Cry feels to it and graphics which is the modern-day equivalent to Crysis (PC gamers will definitely know what this means).

The effort and creativity put into the game will take you by storm every time you discover something new, from the Na’vi senses which you learn early in the game, to the journal giving more information than your favorite sandbox games provide you about the animals you have.

The best part of all is that the game does not feel emotionless, other than hearing the emotions and facial expressions of fellow Na’vi, when you see someone losing someone close to them you can feel the heartache and can sympathize with them on their loss.

Final Thoughts: The price tag might be a bit steep for some players who are unsure about the game, but that is why Ubisoft+ exists! And once you start playing the game you will realize that the price does justify the effort and quality of the game, Avatar Frontiers of Pandora has set a new standard for Open World Action Adventure games with the only issue we could find was that the controller sensitivity might take some getting used to.

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  • New standard for open worlds
  • Gorgeous world
  • NPCs feel more human
  • New Benchmark type game
  • Has a Far Cry play style
  • Crafting is more than only cosmetics
  • Has a Coop feature


  • Controller sensitivity takes some getting used to
  • Outposts might become repetitive for some