Faker Re-signs for another 3 years!

After a lot of speculation and rumors surrounding Faker after losing in the Worlds 2022 finals against DRX, it has finally been made public that Faker would be staying with T1 for another 3 years.

This might not be a surprise to many but with the rumors surrounding Faker and Team Liquid getting a full Korean team, along with Liquid and FlyQuest supposedly having talks with Faker some might not of thought that this would be an option. A lot of fans believed that he might have made the move to the LCS after announcing at Worlds that he believes that the LCS is the strongest LoL region in the world.

Many fans will be amped to see Faker’s return next year while others might believe that a change might have been a better decision, but our Unkillable Demon King will stay loyal to T1 after all!

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