Lenovo Legion: Time to LOQ and Load

Focused on meeting the growing needs of the ever-evolving African gaming and creator community, Lenovo’s latest lineup of industry-leading devices will soon be hitting South African shores. As the number one name in gaming worldwide (largely thanks to their market share in China), Lenovo is no stranger to the gamerverse, and their new product range serves as a proud reminder of their commitment to innovation.

Showcased at their #bethecreator event in Sandton earlier this week, the Lenovo X80 product line impresses with a wide range of hardware and accessories that are sure to delight consumers of all budgets and persuasions. Riding the market shift presented by the rise of artificial intelligence, Lenovo has seamlessly integrated an AI engine unique to the Lenovo Ideapad range. Enhancing machine efficiency with smart performance, and a smart power system that grants up to 20% longer battery life when using Windows. Couple this with range-wide AI developed to assist users with closeness, break, and blue light warnings (worry not, these are fully customizable!), and military-grade durability, and one is going to be hard-pressed to find better value in an extremely competitive market.

The Legion line holds steady as Lenovo’s premium gaming product, and the new LOQ gaming portfolio is sure to win over even the most hardcore of gaming enthusiasts at an affordable price. As the only vendor in the market with a dedicated AI chip in their gaming PCs, Lenovo ups the ante with state-of-the-art TDP to ensure that your Legion hardware is running at optimal performance without feeling as though your desk is preparing for a NASA-level lift-off.

Full time gamer taking on the big leagues, or corporate tycoon by day and geek gamer by night that needs a “business in the front, party in the back” solution? Worry not! Lenovo’s new “Savage to Stealth” product range has everyone’s needs covered. From fully decked-out gaming systems to undercover options that look boardroom ready, but are suited to plug and play as soon as the work day ends, the next level of gaming devices have arrived and are LOQked and loaded!

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