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“You are the Harbinger, a mythical warrior who only appears in times of crisis. The land of Urralia is torn by war. But there is worse: as night falls, you witness the destruction of the world at the hands of a dark God.“ Welcome to the beautiful world of Urralia,…
Story - 75%
Graphics - 75%
Audio - 80%
Gameplay - 70%
Replayability - 50%


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You are the Harbinger, a mythical warrior who only appears in times of crisis. The land of Urralia is torn by war. But there is worse: as night falls, you witness the destruction of the world at the hands of a dark God.

Welcome to the beautiful world of Urralia, or so you think as it is turning into a Dark place. At first the game is a bit confusing and you are not quite sure what you are doing (especially since your character doesn’t say a word) and what it is all about but the game quickly unfolds into a wonderful action adventure game.

The game is classified as an action adventure murder mystery game, and that is exactly what it is. You are the Harbinger that only appears when there is a crisis in the world. Here it’s more than just a crisis it’s a disaster and the entire world of Urralia is about to be destroyed. The priestess Vera was murdered and in this happening an Evil serpent named Voden was released. It is your task to find out who killed the priestess and how to stop Voden from destroying the world.

The game plays off in the day the priestess was murdered and you will travel back in time to spend the day with 3 different characters(Draga, Ratika, and Ludomir) on that day. This is a bit repetitive as you have to do these days multiple times to uncover all the mysteries and collect as much info as possible. You will also meet a fourth character, Emperor Indrik, but you won’t be doing a full day with Indrik but he will provide vital information on the murder.

The gameplay is done really well although it is very limiting, you have to follow specific paths in the game and do not really have free roam. But I guess this aint an open world game so it is expected. The camera works well most of the times. If you run into an area that is not part of the main quest the camera can take some time to adjust to the new area. The action circles are also very specific which can get rather annoying, you have to be exactly in the circle to pull a lever and not an inch out of it.

Fighting is done exceptionally well and is almost flawless. The skills you gain as the Harbinger is amazing and synergises well. From slowing time to throwing an object at the at your enemies. Your main attacks consists of a fast attacking strike and a heavy hitting strike. They will have to be used wisely as some enemies have shields that cannot be pierced with a quick attack and would require a heavy attack first to knock the enemy off balance.

During your days with the other characters you are able to command them to use their special ability once every 45 seconds, this really comes in handy especially during boss fights.

The game is filled with cut scenes and a ton of dialogue which makes for a real good story.Repeating the levels constantly can become repetitive but the change of dialogue and revealing of new paths and mysteries really makes it worthwhile

Overall Omensight is a really enjoyable game and I would strongly recommend it to anyone that enjoys action murder mystery games. The visuals are spectacular and the sound compliments the game all the way. The story is a bit short(took me 7.5 hours to complete) but enjoyable.

Additional Information

Reviewed on: PS4
Available on: PS4, Steam
Genre: Action, Adventure, Murder Mystery
Age Rating: PEGI 12
Publisher/Developer: Spearhead Games
Estimated RRP: R379
Release Date: 15 May 2018


  • Great Story
  • Easy to master gameplay
  • Visuals are great


  • Camera could have given you more free roam
  • Repeating days can get mundane

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