Now Live in The Nexus – new Hero Mei, Nexomania II event, and new Nexus Anomaly!

It might be summer, but we’re bringing the cool to Heroes of the Storm! Today’s patch is now live and brings a new Hero – Mei, the Nexomania II event, and a new Nexus Anomaly – Climate Phenomena!

MEI – A brilliant mind with a sunny disposition, Dr. Mei-Ling Zhou joined Overwatch to help solve the world’s growing climate problems. Armed with a host of weather-altering technologies, Mei now fights to protect her friends and secure a future for a troubled world. For more information on how one of Blizzard’s most iconic scholars makes his mark on the Nexus, check out the attached factsheet for a look at his abilities and talents.

NEXUS ANOMALY – Strange weather disturbances have been spotted across the Nexus, with realms experiencing rain storms, snow flurries, and foggy mists! Mei’s arrival is just in time to help analyze and study these strange weather conditions that have begun occurring. Climate Phenomena is our newest Nexus Anomaly, bringing a variety of fun weather effects to the game.

NEXOMANIA II – Nexomania II is the summer event for Heroes of the Storm that will feature an all new Quest, Skins, Mounts, and more!

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