November Man 2014 DVD Review

It seems lately Pierce Brosnan has faded from the big screen but after watching this movie, I believe his acting ability has not. November Man was one of the movies of 2014 that slipped under the radar for me but after watching it on DVD I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It’s a fast paced action spy thriller’s that is based on the novel “There Are No Spies” by Bill Granger. If you love movies like the Bourne Identity you will also love this one, neither the action nor intrigue is watered down despite Pierce Bosnan’s age, as a cat and mouse game between the CIA and Brosnan plays out across and international stage.

Pierce Brosnan plays Peter Devereaux a CIA operative who after a career spanning over 4 decades in espionage decides to retire when his last task of training and supervising his protégé, a young operative David Mason results a failed mission.


Fast forward 5 years later, Peter Devereaux has been happily retired in Lausanne, Switzerland, operating a lakeside café. Peter who wants nothing to do with the CIA is drawn in once again when his former boss uses someone from his past to bring him back into a “off the books” CIA mission.

Peter accepts the mission in what seemed like a simple extraction turns complicated when the retrieval of Natalia a Russian agent whom also happens be his former lover, has vital information on a Russian presidential candidate and former Army General Arkady Fedorov that could change the face of world politics if exposed.


Peter rescues Natalia and succeeds in evading capture after a high speed chase. However the mission still ends in tragedy when Natalia is shot by a sniper after giving Peter and the CIA the information they need, the name of a witness who can identify Fedorov a Russian Army General and future president of Russian to the war crimes he has committed including his involvement in a bombing of a public building which was the cause of a 2nd Chechen war.


Wanting nothing but revenge, he speedily tries to track down all the agents involved and finally kill them all. It becomes personal when the Sniper escapes, Natalia’s killer, Agent David Mason the very agent he trained. Peter is torn between his revenge for Natalia and the information he has uncovered on this conspiracy involving the CIA and the Russian General.


Peter decides to track down and protect the witness in order to finish Natalia’s final mission, which leads him on a collision course straight into more covert operations to come up against the his former boss, the CIA, Army General Arkady Fedorov, A high efficient contract Assasin and Agent David Mason his protégé.


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