T1 at Worlds and the end of groups

After a disappointing loss again Fnatic early in the group stages, T1 came back with a BANG to finish off the group stage yesterday, going 3-0 with convincing Victories and it was not a Faker show! Yes, Faker is the GOAT and pulled off amazing 1v1s and made plays that others wouldn’t dare to make. but Zeus… Coming all the way from T1 Academy, working his way through T1 Rookies into the T1 lineup has been a monster in the last couple of games, especially with his Yone and Gangplank.

With this young Roster T1 managed to make it far down the knockout rounds last year in worlds, but this year they have been dominating the scene with a minimum of reaching each and every finals thus far, could this be the year T1 claim their 4th Worlds Trophy along with Faker?

Only time will tell!

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