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This game had me alternating between, no game this cute and beautiful can be scary and creepy right? Wrong. And I just absolutely love how the game constantly creates these contrasting themes, soft lullaby music and a nursery rhyme that starts to tell the story of Wren and then comes back periodically as you progress in the game, the animation itself is also so cute but has faint odes to something you would see from Tim Burton. The game warns you right at the start that it does deal with a somewhat dark narrative but every so often I did find myself cracking a smile at some of the dialogue

Puzzles, platforms and an array of different rooms, this game has so much content to it I felt like I just had to utilize it all. NPC ‘s (other children that were left behind after a search for Wren ensues) all have unique voice lines and some can provide you with something called coma cards, these cards provide you with some ‘unlockable’ content. These are both cosmetic – like hairstyles – and also functional in order to make your progression through later levels easier.

Speaking of later, there are 6 creepy levels with 4 bosses in total but none of them so difficult that it prevents progression. I can definitely say that throughout this game I was both thoroughly disgusted and somewhat amazed but always thoroughly entertained

It’s no Amnesia but it’s quite adorably frightening in its own right (with a save point being a lit fireplace in an ode to Darksouls too!) I definitely recommend that everyone give this game a go, its more than worth the time and money


  • The sounds and graphics are absolutely hauntingly beautiful
  • The puzzles are a challenge without being impossible


  • Peet can at times be somewhat clunky to control and you lose lives when you inevitably run into things
  • Some boss fight mechanics feel a little repetitive


Story - 9
Graphics - 9
Audio - 10
Gameplay - 8
Replayability - 7

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