Netsurit creates a gaming event for their employees – Netsurit LAN Jam 2020

It’s great to see that company do look after staff and Netsurit definitely lives up to one of its core values of Family. Netsurit decided to hold a gaming event for their staff and instead of just doing a normal LAN, they actually created a mini expo.

The gaming event, called Netsurit LAN Jam, is the first and hopefully many more will still come in the future. Leon de Bruin, the Client Services Manager, along with a team of other staff took up the mantle to create this event. The team consisted of Akash Munsaur, Paul Grobler, Peter Ewang, Kyle Swanepoel, Dennis Moore, Kyle Osler and Shaun Davis. They utilized their partnership with some clients to be able to setup a wonderful event.

Gamefinity the distributor of PlayStation in South Africa along with Koodoo came on board and provided 9 PS4 units for the event for tournaments and some freeplay areas. There was a ton of game available and the PSVR with Beat Saber was especially a hit. The tournaments consisted of FIFA, Gran Tourismo and Mortal Kombat.

Reed Exhibitions with their Reed POP team brought some of the Comic Con Africa and Comic Con Cape Town team to talk to people about these awesome events. Cat’s Tail Cosplay was there as well to expose the people to what Cosplay is and also have some fun with everyone.

BlackChef food truck was there as well, providing food to the people who were starving for some great food and they also got engaged to the rest of the event.

The people who attended the LAN has great fun with COD Warzone released as a free to play game just the week before the event. Sades South Africa was there as well to join in and sponsored some great prizes for the LAN tournament.

The video above was created by one of the staff members of Netsurit, Mlingo Thangelane and his team at Snap Jozi. They did an Amazing job putting this together and it captures the magic that this event created.

The first Netsurit LAN Jam was an incredible event and hopefully we will see more to come. If you want to find out more about Netsurit and what they do and offer just follow the links below:

Netsurit Website
Netsurit YouTube
Netsurit FaceBook


  1. Thanks for the management team at GES in the assistance putting this together.

    • Thanks Akash. It was a great and fun event

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