NERF Elite 2.0 Shockwave RD-15 Blaster Review

Nerf This! NERF Elite 2.0 Shockwave RD-15 Blaster is an absolute MONSTER! If you are into NERF then this Beast if for you! And if you want to dabble in the NERF scene then this is a great place to start!

The NERF Elite 2.0 is customizable NERF blaster that packs a serious punch. I could not stop playing with this ELITE blaster, blasing dart after dart through the barrel thanks to the 15-dart rotating drum that comes standard with his machine! YES! STANDARD! The pump action is clean and effortless, requires almost no strength and is perfect for younglings (age restriction is at your own discretion as a parent).With this baby under the tree, you are surely going to be the star “santa” this Holiday season. The pure size and feel of this beast will send shivers down any person’s spine. The NERF Elite 2.0 shoots up to 27 metres (90 feets) and is guaranteed to send any NERF wars into the next level. The blaster features 3 customization options, with the ability to add tactical rails, barrel attachment point, and stock attachment point (sold separately). For the price, you get an insanely great quality toy, with the pumps almost lasting forever!

My experience with the NERF Blaster was PURE FUN. Running around with my NERF Collection, blasting with friends and my kids was more fun than ever! Having 15 Darts ready to go made the experience NON-STOP action. The blaster is one of the cleaner firing NERF blasters that I own and cannot be compared to any of my other blasters. The blaster is not the most powerful of my collection but definitely has the ability to hit the range needed in any NERF war! I have not tried but I am sure with the extra attachments you can purchase this Blaster will be unstoppable!

I would highly recommend adding this onto your Christmas list this holiday! Go out and grab yours now! Available at most toy stores nationwide. Just ask for NERF!



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