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he new instalment of the infamous franchise Need for Speed, the new game has no extra title as it is considered a reboot or refresh from developers Ghost Games. Ghost Games said that they spent a lot of time listening to the fans…

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Story - 77%
Graphics - 82%
Audio - 68%
Gameplay - 75%
Replayability - 79%



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The new instalment of the infamous franchise Need for Speed, the new game has no extra title as it is considered a reboot or refresh from developers Ghost Games. Ghost Games said that they spent a lot of time listening to the fans of this franchise and tried to include everything fans would want, did they succeed?

In my opinion this Need for Speed is the best one we have received in years, there is still some room for improvements and changes but it looks like Ghost Games are heading in the right direction, customizations has been brought back to life and given a revamp, the biggest change is probably the paint & wrap editor but we’ll talk about this later on.

When you start the game you directly get thrown into a cinematic cutscene of the story, the cutscenes are done well and the transition between the cutscenes and gameplay is quite seamless. You get drafted by this team of racers and you have to prove your worth by racing and causing mayhem on the streets. You will get invited to events by the team mates through your phone, they will give you a call or send a message when you have missed the call. In the beginning this can be quite overwhelming and you might feel a bit confused of what to do first. One thing that I did not like was the way the hints/tutorial messages pops up on screen while gameplay is going on, so it doesn’t pause the game, in fact you cannot pause the game at all which cause some problems.

Some other limitations or things I did not like was this:

  • No manual transmission
  • No Cockpit view
  • Only dusk till dawn racing

Other than this the game is so much fun, you will spend hour customizing your car, creating new decals, purchase some performance upgrades and tuning your ride to fit your needs. The near photo-realistic graphics makes the game so much better and enjoyable. There are visual damage shown on your car when you drive but to fix the damage you just visit you garage and the damage magically disappears.

There are some great cars to buy in the game but the list does feel a bit limited, but it also gives them opportunity to release some new cars in DLC in the future. The game is also constantly online, this didn’t bother me as much but some people might not like this, what I did like about it being online is that you can pull up to a player at any time and challenge them to some races.

Customizing your rides hasn’t been this fun in Need for Speed for years, “pimping your ride” is back and has some new features. The paint & wrap feature is a new feature to edit the visualization of the car. Enter the Paint mode to change the texture, brightness, saturation and more via sliders. Then slap some decals all over the car, you can add layers, save complete decals, apply sets or saved decals. There are also tons of body parts to unlock and buy for your rides, and now you can change even more like mirrors, front side fenders, windscreens and more.

Ghost Games has really made an effort to reboot the Need for Speed series and bring to the table what fans want. They did deliver but they also have some work cut out for them to improve it even more in future titles.

Additional Information

Reviewed on: PS4
Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC (2016)
Genre: Racing
Age Rating: PG
Publisher/Developer: EA / Ghost Games
Estimated RRP: +/- R 900
Release Date: 5 November 2015


  • Great Visuals
  • Customization is back
  • Some great improvements that we love


  • A bit confusing in the beginning
  • Story a bit short

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