Need For Speed: Payback PS4 Game Review

Fortune Valley a place for high stakes gambling and racing, where the cops are on the payroll and the roads are long and winding...welcome to Need For Speed: Payback. When you start the game you might think that they stole the script for the next Fast and Furious movie (I would…

The Crit:

Story - 80%
Graphics - 89%
Audio - 81%
Gameplay - 72%
Replayability - 72%


User Rating: 3.35 ( 1 votes)

Fortune Valley a place for high stakes gambling and racing, where the cops are on the payroll and the roads are long and winding…welcome to Need For Speed: Payback. When you start the game you might think that they stole the script for the next Fast and Furious movie (I would say it is really influenced by it), with almost non-stop action scenes where you move almost seamlessly between the three protagonists ( Mac- The Drifter, Tyler-The Racer Boy and Jess-The Wheelman) as you chase down trucks with High-end Super Cars in them or try and get away from the cops.

The best thing so far for me in the game is that there is an offline single-player campaign, this was always my biggest problem with the other reboots of NFS. Need for Speed: Payback focus on (if you draw conclusions from the title) revenge, as your one job went sideways when the new guy(girl in this case) ambushes you and steals the car that you just sole (talk about being rude, no honour among thieves)! So the guy you stole it from gives you a break…without breaking your legs…and you become his driver (harsh punishment for a street racer). As you race trough Fortune valley you get to see lots of different environments and lots of chances to drift, drag or race to your heart’s content.

As you progress in the game you get to unlock more cars and more performance upgrade for your said cars. This is where EA has brought in there microtransactions for this game and it comes in the form of Performance Card (Speed Cards) Upgrades. Unlike NFS Underground (the original version) where you bought a turbo or a new manifold or exhaust here, you get cards that give new stats to your car. Firstly it is very costly for a card (you have to win one or buy one) when you buy it from the upgrade shop (called Tune-up shops). If you have a surplus of Speed cards (one Speed card is equal to one Part Token) you can always trade them in and spin the Speed Card Slot Machine to see if you can get an awesome Speed Card. Now the other way to get Part Tokens is from Shipments (Paybacks loot system), this comes in regular and Premium shipments (Premium shipments you can buy with real money), you get regular shipments by completing certain milestones in the game. The new update is also coming out that has better drop rates for cards, cash and reputation.

You do get police chase in the game but this is more in certain game modes and it is a bit linear and unfortunately, there are no cop chases in free roaming mode. This will put off some fans of the series as it was and is one of the most fun moments of the older games. The customization of your cars can keep you quite busy (spent almost 40min on my one car!) and you have a few things that you can do. There are full kits for all the cars and you can make your own style. The graphics are phenomenal and the soundtrack is also good on the game.

Overall I think that Ghost Games really improved on the series and there are some things that they need to work on and I hope that they would bring back in their next game. The cars and the location are awesome and it is an open world, so you can go explore where ever your heart desires. Driving dynamics are on par with most arcade racing games and I think fits with Need for Speed Payback. NFS: Payback has a really good soundtrack to listen to in game and I can see my self-going back to play the game again and again. Also, there is DLC coming to expand the story mode and bring more cars and mods to the game. I would recommend Need for Speed: Payback to NFS fans and arcade racer fans or just anybody that loves good looking cars and locations. This is your local mad scientist signing out….now to go buy that Lotus Elise

Additional Information

Reviewed on: PS4
Available on: PS4, X-Box One, PC
Genre: Racing
Age Rating: 13
Publisher/Developer: Electronic Arts/Ghost Games
Estimated RRP: R900
Release Date: 9 November 2017


  • I know it’s cheesy but I do like the story of the game
  • Amazing Visuals
  • Great Car Selection


  • Not a big fan of the card lottery system for upgrades
  • Can be a bit of a grind to upgrade your car

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