Necromunda: Hired Gun Review

Necromunda: Hired Gun caught my interest as soon as I heard it was based in Warhammer 40K’s world. To be able to play as an Overpowered Mercenary with a Cyber Mastiff attack hound at your side sounds like things dreams are made of. The game feels and plays like Unreal, Doom, or even Quake.

The combat is super fast-paced and feels like an Arena shooter that got made into a First Person Shooter Story. It contains fast-paced action, arena-like maps, tons of enemies, absolutely brutal melee executions.

In the game’s world, there’s plenty of character interaction, loads of side missions, the ability to upgrade, and even buy new weapons, armor, and even abilities.

Hired gun’s gameplay is incredibly buggy at times. The enemy AI is not good either, and some guns have sensitivity issues. The combat also gets stale near the end and offers very little challenge, so FPS fans will definitely want to upgrade the difficulty on this game. I still did have fun massacring the game’s decent variety of enemies, and the fast-paced combat and movement speed made this a lot smoother.

The game’s graphics and level design help give off that Steelpunk look that the game needs. The character designs are also very unique from character to character and accurately represent the factions or gangs they are part of.


Final Thoughts:

After playing around 20 hours of the game all that I can say is that the game is incredibly average. The fun parts of the game are let down by the AI, Loads of bugs, and stale combat near the end of the game. All that being said though, If you are an arena shooter or Doom fan, This game would certainly still be a fun playthrough for you.


Where to Buy?







  • Lots of Upgrade Options
  • Straightforward Arena Shooter


  • Lots of Bugs
  • Upgrade system is a mess


Story - 5
Graphics - 8
Audio - 7
Gameplay - 8
Replayability - 4

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