nAv TV GES Cosplay Competition

If you haven’t heard yet nAv TV is bringing us The Mall Gaming Experience in two weeks. We have partnered up with them to bring you the Cosplay Competition at the event – The Mall Cosplay Experience begins…

You can see all the info about The Mall Gaming Experience here on nAv TV.

So to get down to business here are the Info for the Cosplay Competition to be held at these first time events.

The Mall Cosplay Experience:

How to Enter:

You can register by clicking on this link


Finals will be held at Cradlestone mall on the 9th of July. Registration for the qualifying Cosplayers will be at 10:30 until 11:00.

Judging will start at 12:00 and Prize Giving will be held at 15:00.

All Cosplayers welcome to come for the Support! Gert will also take and print photos!

The organizers for the event wants 12 qualifiers at the finals, so for the 3 weeks there are a total of 9. To make it fair we have chosen the top 3 best overall scorers from all 3 weekends combined.

The 3 Cosplayers joining the other 9 will be:

  • Jeanine-Dee Hartog – Shao Jun
  • Nicholas Neto – Darth Revan
  • Justin Rogers – Howl

Prizes (Finals):

  • 1st = R7000
  • 2nd = R5000
  • 3rd = R3000
CONGRATULATIONS to our week 1 leg qualifiers!!
Johann – Sub-Zero
Wesley – Darth Kraan
Mike – Darth Maul
CONGRATULATIONS to our week 2 leg qualifiers!!
Jeffrey Lu – King Crimson Rathalos
Devin Green – Kylo Ren
Shevaun Chester – Morgana 
CONGRATULATIONS to our week 3 leg qualifiers!!
Maou Ookami – Fushimi Saruhiko
Chiaki Riku – Yuno Gasai
Jade Loader – Galadriel
We will see you at the finals on the 9th July

The Info below is also in the registration document. If you have any more questions please feels free to ask below in the comments or email us at cosplay @


This Cosplay competition will be slightly different to the usual event competitions. It will be a “catwalk” show with three judges. It will also run as a staged competition, meaning that each week the top 3 winners will be announced for that week. The Winners of each week will then go through to the Finals held the 9th July at Cradlestone. The Cosplay Competition will only run on the Saturdays but Cosplayers are welcome to come dressed up on Sundays to come and enjoy the event and gaming. If you are cosplaying but do not wish to enter the contest, you are free to do so at your own leisure. GES and the Organizers cannot be held responsible for any cosplayers or their props. Cosplayers need to be responsible and courteous to other people attending the event.

The “catwalk” will not be a raised platform but rather a cordoned off area, it will run as a long strip about 6 meters in length and 1.5 to 2 meters wide, judges and the public will be on the side to look onwards as you strut your stuff.

  • – This is a first for this type of competition and event. If it goes off well, more events like this might happen across more of South Africa.
  • – This will be a great platform for Cosplayers of all skill levels to improve their stage presence and character building.
  • – Qualifying Winners for the Finals will be announced online on the Sunday of the weekend.
  • – If you do not place the weekend you are welcome to register and take part again the next weekend but you will have to Cosplay as a different character.
  • – Scoring Criteria will be: Presentation – Character – Costume Quality – Stage Presence – Overall
  • – Registrations will run on the Saturdays from 10:00 – 11:00 all Cosplayers need to come and register.
  • – New registrations will be taken but only if there is space available.
    – There will be a room available for you to leave your valuables if preferred.
  • – Some food & drink vouchers might be given out to Cosplayers but this all depends on the number of registrations and the organizers.
  • – Times of the Judging will be announced closer to the time as well as time tables sent our to all who have registered.
  • – There will be a photographer section where you can take photos with fans and other Cosplayers and get a printed copy right there.

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