Natsuki Chronicles Review

Going back into an old fashion arcade-type game one would end up wasting all your coins on to try and make the top score has become available in more places than just your local arcade with the Japanese Anime touch to it.

Play as Natsuki, an RDF Rookie Pilot in this arcade-type Shooter where you protect the city of Seventier, yet you feel that something is off, after each stage you complete you get a “tutorial stage” in the form of flashbacks to answer some questions as to why Natsuki is acting or thinking the way she does. I feel that because the story is told in Japanese even while you are in-game you are not always able to follow the story while focusing on the game itself as the subtitles are situated at the right top of the screen. As you progress through the game and play the stages in story mode you level up and earn credits. Of which you can purchase weapon upgrades for primary, secondary and special abilities, special abilities initially are more of a defensive shield, but you will get upgrades which turns them offensive but will leave you exposed to attacks.

I have found that as the stages progress some weapons/special abilities will make it easier to succeed as even on Easy the stages can get difficult, the producers also helped us with the increasing difficulty of the stages by providing us with a stage level, increasing your stage level will allow you to gain additional Ex. Shields to help clear the stage, the higher difficulty will reward you with more experience which builds up Ex. Shields faster.

Besides the story mode which is addictive on its own you will also get an arcade mode of which you get upgrade drops from destroying enemies and continue through the stages till your shield becomes depleted, you will then get an accumulated score which can be posted on an online leaderboard as if you are busy spending your coins by the arcade.


  • Addictive Game
  • Good Story
  • Challenging
  • Fun to play


  • Graphics could be improved for the cinematics
  • Subtiles are hard to read in the location they are placed


Story - 8.6
Graphics - 8.7
Audio - 8.1
Gameplay - 8.9
Replayability - 9.7

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