My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 05 Episode 09 “Slice of Life” TV Episode Review

GES-SA reviews My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 05 Episode 09 “Slice of Life”

Episode 100 has finally arrived, and it was wonderful. Headcannons were confirmed, ships were denied and it was all just so enjoyable to watch.

The story is about the background ponies of Ponyville trying to get Matilda and Cranky’s wedding ready. What followed had to be one of my personal favourite episodes ever.


Derpy (or as she was named in the credits Muffins) finally talked again, and she was just great. Her facial expressions and dialog was lovely to watch and I wouldn’t have minded if the entire episode was centred on her. She’s also friends with this British pony named Doctor. This pony kept referencing time travel and science, even hinting that he is centuries old. He definitely reminded me of someone.

In an episode so full of fan pandering I didn’t think that they would put in a revelation so out there that no one would expect it, but that’s what we got. Bonbon is actually a secret agent named Sweetie Drops who fought monsters before she came to Ponyville. I think that this was the writers’ way of showing us that they are still in control of the story and that they can change it like they want to. At least it’s confirmed that Lyra and Bonbon are best friends, confirmed because they said best friend three times. Any idea that these two are romantically involved was supposed to have been destroyed, but there were enough seductive looks to fuel these ships for years to come.

I’m so glad to see that Octavia and Vinyl Scratch are roommates, my head cannon is confirmed. I loved watching the two make music together, and their ride to the wedding was so much fun, I just wish that we could have heard Vinyl speak. At least we saw Celestia and Luna talk to each other, and not like princesses discussing politics but rather just as sisters arguing about who should have brought the present.

Along with the background six we got many other confirmed fan theories and call-backs to previous episodes, including Berry Punch with a keg and the return of the Big Lebowski ponies.


This episode is best watched by people who know the fandom and the names and personalities we associated with the background ponies. It was too short and the fan theories are too many to please everyone and get everything in, but I think that they did a great job with it and would recommend it to everyone who enjoys the show.

MLP Ep100 (11)

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