MSI GS63VR 7RG Stealth Pro Gaming Laptop Review

About 2 weeks ago, MSI sent me the MSI GS63VR 7RG Stealth Pro gaming laptop to review. A very thin laptop that gamed like it was a desktop pc. The MSI GS63VR 7RG Stealth Pro weighs in at 1.8Kg and stands only 1.7cm tall and it packs a full Nvidia…

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Value for Money - 81%
Quality - 89%
Look/Feel - 85%
Extra's/Features - 79%


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About 2 weeks ago, MSI sent me the MSI GS63VR 7RG Stealth Pro gaming laptop to review. A very thin laptop that gamed like it was a desktop pc. The MSI GS63VR 7RG Stealth Pro weighs in at 1.8Kg and stands only 1.7cm tall and it packs a full Nvidia 1070GTX for its GPU. Now you would be wondering how did they get a full 1070GTX in it and still have it smaller than some of the other gaming laptops, well this is all down to the new Max-Q designed GPU’s. It basically packs the same punch as a full card but with a smaller footprint and better power management.

But it’s not just the GPU that makes this laptop a beast, but also it’s CPU. The MSI GS63VR 7RG Stealth Pro has an Intel i7-7700HQ processor in it that just takes any program you through at it! So to see how it would do I ran a few benchmarking programs and was quite surprised by what this laptop could do. It scored a good 4424 in 3DMark Time Spy(even unlocked the Future Proof Achievement) and got a 3344 score in 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra 1.1, these are pretty good scores for a laptop! Loading up the Final Fantasy XV’s benchmarking software also reveals more or less the same results…perfect gaming every time(the GS63VR 7RG Stealth Pro can do standard and Advanced settings in the benchmark)!

One of the benefits of this laptop is that the 15.6″ screen has a refresh rate of 120Mhz and a 5ms response time. The GS63VR also has ports for a Display port, HDMI output and Thunderbolt 3 connector. This would give you 3 external screens to do all your content creation and gaming on(think flight sims). I like this as this would allow me to include an AdobeRGB screen for photo retouching and colour correction. Not to take anything away from the internal screen as the GS63VR gets close to 100% sRGB which is ok for standard photo editing, video correction and gaming.

For storage, the GS63VR has a 256GB Samsung M.2 SSD drive for the main operating system and this is also backed up by a 2tb HDD. The battery on the GS63VR can last you up to an hour and a half, I got pretty far when I played Total War: Warhammer II. Doing less intense activities will get you a bit longer battery life. In regards to connectivity, MSI got you sorted there as there are 3 USB3.0 ports, a USB3.1 Type-C(for your Samsung phones) and one legacy USB2.0 port. The MSI GS63VR also boasts a SteelSeries(and SteelSeries Engine 3) gaming grade keyboard with silver lining keys to showcase your RGB lighting on there.

I must say the MSI Dragon Center software is really useful. You use the MSI Shift that change how your system reacts and it giver you(in the immortal words of Jeremy Clarkson)MORRREE POWER! You can also do your firmware updates and can check up on the temperature of your machine. In regards to how loud the GS63VR gets under load, well let’s just say that you can still watch a movie or play a game as the fans on it isn’t to load. Compared to some other laptops I played with can get pretty loud under full load.

Overall I am really impressed with the GS63VR, it has really great overall performance thanks to the GTX 1070 and 120Mhz refresh rate. The price might put off some gamers, but I can tell you that the GS63VR is really worth the money as it’s not just a gaming laptop. Another plus point for me is its thin profile, really deceptive packaging(in a good way). I would recommend this to any gamer looking for a gaming laptop that will compete with there desktop pc or

Hardware Specs

Intel i7-7700HQ

Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 8GB Max-Q Design

15.6″ FHD 120Mhz 5ms Response

16GB DDR4(up to 32GB DDR4)

256GB NVMe M.2 SSD + 2.5″ 2TB HDD


38cm x 24.9cm x 1.77cm


1x Headphone and 1x Microphone

3x USB3.0, 1x USB3.1 Type-C, 1x USB2.0

1x 4k @ 60Hz

Display Port
Mini Display Port

Thunderbolt 3(up to 40Gbps transfer rate)


Killer ac Wi-Fi

Killer Gb Lan

Bluetooth 4.1

Web Cam
720p @ 30fps

Additional Information

Estimated RRP: R38000


  • Love the fact that it is only 1.7cm in height!
  • It only weighs 1.8Kg
  • It is not just a gaming laptop but you can also do you content creation on it


  • The touchpad on it wasn’t really good, but then what gamer or content creator is going to use the touchpad?
  • Might be a bit too expensive for your average notebook gamer

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