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Move over Miss World, JinxKittie has a crown too

JinxKittie takes home the Crown at C2E2 2020

On the 29 February 2020 the best cosplayers from around the world took to the stage at C2E2 in the Crown Championships of Cosplay to see who is the best of the best. Along with America Champions from South Korea (Lanha – Cosplay), Australia (AltF4 Cosplay), Indonesia (Otawamizuki), France (Leeloo Kris Cosplay), United Kingdom (Chocobo Girl), Austria (Rozari Cosaply), India (Sameer Bundela), Singapore (Adiputra Kosupureiva) and our very own champion from Africa JinxKittie Cosplay

This cosplayers worked thousands of hours on their outfits and they all deserved to be up there on that stage but there can only be one Crown Champion and this year JinxKittie Cosplay took the Crown with her stunningly detailed Priestess Bathory designed by Cindery’s Art.

JinxKitties journey to C2E2 started at Comic Con Africa where she competed in the local Champions of Cosplay Competition, which acts as Africa’s prelimaries in which cosplayers compete against each other to see who will be Crowned Africa’s Champion. With pre-judging as well as finals in the form of a stage show. JinxKitties cosplay stood out above the rest with her eye for detail, making use of many different techniques as well as her hours of dedication in creating tons of ribbon roses that look real. She was crowned our champion.


After our prelims here, JinxKittie got the five months in which she could add on additions to her cosplay, which she took full advance off. She added on even more roses, hand stitched on thousands of beads and pearls across the whole outfit and weathered the dress using fake blood and real rust. She then packed up this monster of a dress on fly across the world where she took part in pre judging in C2E2. This year’s judges at C2E2 were Ivy Dommkitty, PepperMonster Cosplay and Ginoza Costuming. Afterwards she took part in a stage show where she got to show off her cosplay to the crowd

A Huge congratulation to JinxKittie and her championship, the whole of South Africa is proud of the work you put in to take home the crown!


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