Mortal Kombat X South Africa Cup Final

The Mortal Kombat X Cup final was held on Saturday the 6th June, The Gauteng live event took place at the Internet Solutions Chillroom at The Campus, a venue which also hosted the Johannesburg qualifier. This time hosting finalists from all around South Africa to compete for the title of the South African Mortal Kombat X Champion and will qualify for a seat in the Grand Final taking place in France, at the Japan Expo!

Regional Qualifiers won a Mortal Kombat X Kollector’s Edition (PS4),  National Final competitors had a chance at winning a Rockstar Watch, a year’s supply of Rockstar Energy Drink and R30 000 from the prize pool, as well as a Sony PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Console for the national winner.

The competition registrations had to be re-opened due to the high volume of demand for entry into the contest. Gamers from Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg who made it through were invited to compete in finals after hundreds took part in their respective provinces. Each game consisted of best of 3 in-game rounds, on versus mode. The tournament was also made up of both Swiss system and single elimination brackets.

During the initial phases of the cup qualifiers players were put into fractions as part of a fraction war, Lin Kuei, White Lotus, Brotherhood of Shadow, Black Dragon and Special Forces. So overall player rankings also reflected the ranking of each fraction.

The MC on the day was James Brooke a big gaming fan who is co–owner of Video Valets and also a radio presenter at UJ FM on air between 7 -9pm you can also follow him on twitter @JimmyJames_live, his favourite MK character is Scorpion.


During the lunch break the MK Cup Final attendees were treated to “The Ultimate Showdown” between SAGAMER vs. LAZYGAMER as two of the country’s craziest gamers, Dave Kozlowski (SA Gamer) and Darryn Bonthuys (Lazygamer), battled it out for the affections of our local Tech Girl, Sam Wright, the title of the “Biggest Man Child” and a Scorpion bobble head. While the gamers faced off the onlookers shocked at the use of aggressive tea bagging of the looser Dave Kozlowski. Although I may add that Dave did have a controller malfunction during a crucial round.

11406561_985451834820127_4253424957051598583_nDarryn Bonthuys had the following comments on the match and his plans.

I focused on upskilling myself using Lui Kang and Sub Zero over the training period and anticipated Dave’s gameplay by using fast and consistent attacks to weaken him.

Darryn has been playing from the 90s and his favorite console is still Sega Mega Drive of which his favourite game is Spiderman Maximum Carnage. He will be attending E3 this year were he hopes to experience a more mature console scene as well as the new Assassin’s Creed, Arkham Knight and Guitar Hero. He is also sad that Nag is publishing its last issue but printed media is on the way out as the online platform has become more diverse and current.

Overall it was Cape Town and Johannesburg gamers that dominated the contest which saw D1Gamerkid and Taga Kahn face off in the final. A final that seemed like fate as D1Gamerkid climbed out of the losers round against Dr. Zol to once again face off with Taga Kahn.

Staying consistent with their gameplay and strategy, D1Gamerkid playing as Cassie Cage and Taga Kahn playing as Kotal Kahn however both were a worthy face off for each other as the points bounced between rounds from one to the other. The matches were exciting as victories were gained even on a fraction of life as the both gamers turned things around within seconds of getting caught in a vortex of combos. Leaving the final knockout as unexpected while tense spectators cheered on, Taga Kahn emerged as undisputed winner and best MK X player in SA. It really could have gone either way however the persistent determination of Taga Kahn is what saw him through to the winners circle.

MKX Cup winner Vasudev Stringer (Taga Kahn) won R15 000, MKX Cup belt, a year supply of Rockstar Energy Drinks and very heavy 20th Anniversary PS4 console. (Picture center)

In second place Kim Petersen (D1GamerKid) won R10 000 and a year supply of Rockstar Energy drinks. (Picture Left)

Third place contestant Zolani Matsolo (Dr.Zol) won R5 000 and a year supply of Rockstar Drinks. (Picture Right)

I was actually surprised how long some of the players who advanced had to maintain their concentration as the entire event was about 6 hours and some of these defining matches going only seconds. You could see when overconfident barrages of attacks lead to some player’s downfall as even when players were pushed into corners they still maintained their formulae of defense which made for some great comebacks. The players who advanced showed a great level of confidence in their style of fighting. It was a benchmark event for SA Gaming and after watching the caliber of gamers this only confirms how well the industry and talent has grown in SA. Well done to Ster Kinekor on organizing such a landmark event. I would also like to give mention to the commentators of who kept the event entertaining and well documented.11425201_985451641486813_3592301000711642934_n

We wish all the best to Vasudev Stringer (Taga Kahn) for representing South Africa in Paris when participating during the European region finals and hopefully on to USA for the MKX Global Cup.

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