Mortal Kombat X: Kombat Pack 2 Trailer

The Kombat Pack 2 will be coming out soon for Mortal Kombat X and below they have released a gameplay video of all the characters available to play.

There was some controversy about the characters that they have chosen to add. Some of the characters we have never seen before but below I will name the characters and a little about them.

Below are the new characters with the pack:

Alien – We all know this little face ;p at long last you can now have your very own AvP (Aliens vs Preditors) in MKX style. The Alien character looks like it will be a great fit to the game but we will have to see if his fight can match with the rest.

Leatherface – From the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this scary murder needs no introduction to fans of Horror films. Armed with his sturdy Chainsaw, Leatherface is looking for some new victims and we’ll see if he can find some in MKX.

Triborg – Not much is known about Triborg, apparently he is a Cyborg composed of three of the characters we all know and Love, Cyrax, Sektor and Smoke. His gameplay looks amazing and we will have to see if this new character will be one that everyone Loves or Hates

Bo’Rai Cho – If you are a fan of the MK series then you will know this drunken fighter. Bo’Rai has appeared in a few MK games before and now returns to fight again in MKX

Other things included in the pack:

Goro will now be playable for anyone that has the Kombat Pack 2 and not just for the Pre-Order people anymore. Skin pack included are Kold War Skins, Brazil SKins, Apocalypse pack and Kold War Scorpion.

Now you can finally watch the gameplay video:

It’s always nice to get some extra stuff in packs and skins are always welcome. I’m looking forward to fight with some new characters in MKX

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