Mortal Kombat 11 Beta Impressions

One of my personal favourites for the year has to be Mortal Kombat 11 and finally I could get my hands dirty playing the Beta. So keeping in mind that it is a beta release and a lot of final details and gameplay is not included here follows my first impressions.

From start-up, the game looks clean and invites you to go into the different options and explore. From the main screen you see Konquer, Fight, Kustomize and Learn; at the bottom of the screen you can go into the vast options for the game.

For the Beta only certain options are available; under Konquer you can only go to Klassic Towers and only one tower is available for the test play. Under Fight you can only play online and it looks like a lot more options will be added under Online on release as well. With Kustomize you only have the five characters available to kustomize and the items, skins, abilities etc has already been unlocked and is also limited. Finally, under the Learn section nothing is available on the Beta which was a bit sad but completely understandable as the Beta is focused on gameplay feedback and testing.

The five characters that you can play with on the beta is Baraka, Skarlet, Jade, Scorpion and Kabal. It is a great variety to test with and I enjoyed Scorpion and Jade the most. Kabal and Baraka was a close second and I never hooked onto Skarlet’s gamestyle even in the previous release but still a very cool character. I enoyed that you could at least customize the characters a bit and could experience what it would be like in the final version. I can add that a lot of my time will be spent here. Look below at the cool Scorpion version I did which I dubbed Wolve-Scorpio ;p

The Klassic Tower that you get to play in the beta is only five battles long which makes sense relating to the five playable characters. It gives you enough battles to get used to the character and also try out different moves, abilities and our favourites finishers like Fatalities and Brutalities. On my one playthrough I did an uppercut on the last health of my opponent and it automatically did a brutality which shocked me and was the coolest ever.

At first when I tried the Online play it kept booting me out when my opponent and I selected characters but after about an hour I tired again, and the online play was seamless. I guess it might have been load on the servers or a little glitch that they had to repair but I’m glad it came right and I could enjoy get my butt whooped by others ;p

The gameplay feels a lot more robust and fluid, it almost makes you want to learn combos and tricks as button mashing will not be that easy anymore. The interactive objects on the stages are cool and I enjoyed using them.

So what are the bad parts? For me, I need to wait a month to enjoy the full game! Yeah that’s it! I cannot wait for the final release of the game as it will be one for the Kollection.But to conclude on the Beta, I will say that I wished there was some more options available for us to test and to give feedback on. Even on the unlocking and customizing side, I would’ve liked if we could unlock some items, upgrade equipment and do a bit more customizing. As far as gameplay goes, the game is very solid and apart from a very minor glitch here and there I did not experience anything wrong.

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