More info on Geekdom by Central City Comics

On the 29th of July Central City Comics will be hosting their first Geekdom day.

On this day they want to introduce people to hobbies that they wanted to try before or don’t know where or how to start. Below we have some more info on the people who will be hosting some of these hobbies.

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Welcome to Comics – Casual Chats around what makes comics awesome and how to start reading, drawing or writing them. Run by Sean Izaakse, Marvel Artist and Nas Hoosen,one of the founders of SECTOR, a South African comics anthology.

  • Nas Hoosen is a writer and illustrator. He’s one of the founders of SECTOR, a South African comics anthology. He also co-created Red Air – a psychedelic sci-fi horror about astronauts fighting evil pop music – with artist Ben Rausch. He has written for The Guardian, Dazed And Confused, BBC Online Radio and Huck Magazine in the UK. He dreams of naps.
  • Sean Izaakse has been working as a freelance illustrator and comic artist for the last 7 years. He has worked on the various Pathfinder series of comics for Dynamite Comics and contributed artwork to various RPG’s like Mutants & Masterminds by Green Ronin Publishing. Izaakse is the artist and co-creator, along with writer Vito Delsante, of the creator-owned series Stray. The 4 issue limited series received massive support on Kickstarter and was picked up by independent US comics publisher, Action Lab Entertainment, in 2015. In 2016 Izaakse got the chance of a lifetime working on Thunderbolts for MARVEL Comics. Since then he has worked on several MARVEL comic titles including Deadpool, The Avengers, Sam Wilson Captain America and is currently one of the artists on The Uncanny Avengers.

Welcome to Cosplay – A demo/discussion around Costume Play aka dressing up as your favorite characters from games,comics, movies and more… basically any character you love and would like to bring to life. Run By Samantha Claire Marais aka Sam Secrets Cosplay

  • Samsecrets is a Filmmaker, Cosplayer and all round Geek from Johannesburg, South Africa. Her interest in cosplay started when she was living in London and attended the 2007 ‘Star Wars Celebration’ event. This gradually became an obsession, and in 2013, she made her first cosplay – Cassie Hack (Hack/Slash Comic). Since then, she has made over 20 costumes in the genres of anime/manga, comic books, TV Shows and Movies. She is a regular to the competition scene and has been a Cosplay Competition judge for Smallville Comics Cosplay Contest in 2015 and Geekfest 2016 Cosplay Contest.
  • Carla Harris has trained in the Bardic college of YouTube, starting tabletop roleplaying in earnest for the channel Bacon Battalion, Carla had only been a player for about a year before that. Considering she used to work as a professional actress for 7 years and toured the continent, when Carla decided she needed to make more than two minute noodle money, she went into marketing where initially she earned…. well two minute noodle money, but is now able to afford waffles :) But she didn’t want her creativity to die a sad day job death and so has been playing more and more tabletop games and LARPS and so is ready to embark as a Game Master in a home brew world of EPICNESS, well at least she thinks so. She is also the marketing goblin for How to be a great game master and has learnt a lot through that channel which has over 30 000 subs. So with the start of the Dum Dum Die podcast, an all female dungeons and dragons game, Carla is setting off on her own Game Mastering journey.

Welcome to TableTop Roleplaying – Dungeons and Dragons adventures. There will be one every hour, first one starts at 10:15 am. Don’t worry it is the same adventure so you can do this adventure and then go explore other Geeky hobbies after! Embark on a quest of might, magic, mystery and hilarity… Play as Goblins who have one Job…To save the GOLD! Run by Carla Harris,GM of the Dum Dum Die Podcast and Marketing Goblin for How to be a Great Game Master.

Welcome to Live Action Roleplaying – Bring your roleplaying characters to life in this live action boffer larp. This means you would get to portray a character in real life (don’t worry we will give you a fun one for the adventure) and hit people with spell packets, pool noodle swords and convince townsfolk of your right as an adventurer to be rewarded with Gold. Run by the amazing LARP, Tales of Teana, go on adventures with Orcs, Undead and use your investigative skills. There will be one every hour, first one starts at 10:15 am.

  • Tales of Teana is a boffer larp running on the Nero system in Gauteng, South Africa. We grew out of Medieval Adventures South Africa. We focus on embarking on stories that span roleplaying, combat and puzzlesolving. Running for over 5 years we have faced quests spanning Undead, Orcs and the players themselves. Try out LARPing for fun, excitement and above all a chance to go on an Adventure driven by you.

Looks like it will be an epic day, make sure you add it to your diary!

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