Michael B. Jordan Joins Cast of Marvel’s Black Panther

Those who felt that Michael B. Jordan got the short end of the stick by having his only superhero film credit being attached to 20th Century Fox’s ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot can breath a sigh of relief as he will get a second opportunity at the genre under Marvel Studio’s with the upcoming ‘Black Panther’.

News broke that Joran officially joins the anticipated film which will be written and directed by Ryan Coogler, who is becoming a regular collaborator of Jordan. This will mark the third film they will work on together as the two previously worked on the films ‘Fruitvale Station’ and the critically well received ‘Creed’.

The film is also set to star Chadwick Boseman in the leading role, reprising his role as King T’Challa/The Black Panther from ‘Captain America: Civil War’, and rumours have been circulating of Lupita Nyong’o being in negotiations as well. While Michael B. Jordan’s role remains a mystery at this time, The Hollywood Reporter speculates that could be playing a villain.

This film looks set to mark a milestone for African Americans as the film is also strongly rumoured to feature a 90% African American cast and crew.

What do you think of this casting of what is already shaping up to be a stellar cast and crew? Don’t be afraid to let us know below.

Scheduled for release in November 2018

Scheduled for release in November 2018

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