Men of War Review

A Russian, an American and a German walk into a bar…The first thing you notice with the collector’s edition is the sheer number of discs that come in the box. It’s not often that you receive 5 DVD’s for one game or even collector’s edition. One of the disks is the original music for the games which is always a good thing for a lot of collectors. (Hence collector’s edition I guess, lol)

The collectors set contains:
1. Men of War – The original game
2. Assault Squad expansion
3. Vietnam expansion
4. Condemned Heroes expansion

I am not a very big fan of army based games but even I have to say that this game was actually quite a lot of fun to play. The best part of the game for me is the realism to the game. The vehicles are rendered very carefully and with each expansion the improvement in graphics brings with it an immaculate amount of details and makes it as real as possible in terms of a game. The realism carries on beyond just the imagery, but in the way it reacts to being shot. Each shot seems to take into consideration the angle, distance to target, elevation and armour. You are able to take over each individual soldier making it easy to command troops individually. Also you will be able to micro manage resources due to the fact that each soldier controls his own inventory.

The only issues are A.) That the AI seems to keep coming after you a lot quicker than one would really like and B.) The game does seem to become a bit repetitive and bland.

The primary game is built around the following concept: You control a squad of soldiers or a unit, and can move them all over the battlefield. The mechanics are similar to Company of Heroes without the base-building element.

The first Expansion is Assault Squad and it continues with the gameplay provided by the first game, but brings in two new nationalities, namely The UK and Japan. Also this expansion brings in the skirmish mode that provides you with many more hours of game play.

The second expansion – Vietnam, was super difficult, what makes this so difficult is the sheer number of trees making it crazy difficult to see your enemy. There were quite a few times where I stopped playing out of frustration. This expansion really needs to be played after you have had quite a bit of playtime invested in the other two games. By this time, the sound effects had improved dramatically and aren’t so comical.

The final expansion, Condemned Heroes actually seems easier than the other ones. The graphics has also improved to a large extent and is almost eye candy level. You are in command of a larger army in this one but still control your unit and use them to complete your mission.

The Men of War Collection offers you up quite a few hours of game play and is definitely well worth the time spent in the game. But don’t even think about using this game as a filler in between games. You will need to dedicate a substantial amount of time to this game.

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