MediEvil PS4 Review

MediEvil was first released in 1998 for the original PlayStation and was then re-release on the PlayStation Network in 2007. Now you can enjoy this classic on your PS4.

The Story of MediEvil revolves around Sir Daniel Fortesque that led an army to defeat the evil sorcerer Zarok. During the initial charge Sir Fortesque was shot down by an arrow but was still seen as a Hero. Zarok has now returned and so has Sir Fortesque to stop him and now he has a chance to prove himself as a real hero.

They haven’t changed much from the original game apart from the graphics and better controls. With the game being so old, I expected some issues or that the game would play like a PS one game. To my surprise, the game actually played really well, and the controls and movements worked like a more modern game.

The graphics does look great with the cartoonish feel and they really made effort that the game feels like it was released now, instead of 20 years ago. The audio is great as well and blends in well with the theme of the game. It is a great game to have released so close to Halloween. I enjoyed the story and also enjoyed playing a more simplistic game that delivers on what it needs.

MediEvil is a great classic to own in your arsenal and a cool game to play through if you never played it before. The game brought a lot of joy to me while replaying the story, bringing back some memories and at the same time appreciation of the work they put in to bring this game to the modern age.


  • Great to see how they modernized it with graphics and controls


  • Would have liked to have a small add-on story maybe?


Story - 7.5
Graphics - 8
Audio - 7.7
Gameplay - 7.6
Replayability - 6.3

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