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Marvels’s Avengers BETA impression

Marvels’s Avengers BETA impression

Marvel’s Avengers is a week away from release and I was lucky enough to try out the BETA. So before I begin to give my 2 cents of the BETA I just want to warn you that I am an avid Marvel fan.

So to begin, I enjoyed playing some of the campaign to get a feel of how the story will flow and this excited me a lot. All the characters I got to play with feel different in their style. For instance, I felt really powerful with Thor and Hulk and with Iron Man I felt the agility and versatility was superior.

After you play through the first bit you can choose some side missions to play. I enjoyed these missions but in a sense they felt very similar even though one was a strike mission and another was a control point mission. I do hope that this is only because the locations were similar and because this is a BETA.

If that is not the case and these side missions will still feel similar in the finished game then my worry will be that people will play the main game and gamer who love grinding will be the ones playing side missions.

Gathering up a team to play with you on missions does make it feel like assembling Avengers to take on the world. The upgrading and equipping of the characters are interesting, I would’ve liked if the equipment made some small visual changes as well to drive some more uniqueness to the look of the characters.

I’m eager to see the finished product and what will be different. The story intrigued me the most and I’m very excited to play it. Only a week to go….

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