Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales



Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

More than a year after the "Devil's Breath Crisis" and the Maggia's gang war, Miles Morales (Nadji Jeter) is now being mentored by Peter Parker (Yuri Lowenthal) and plans to help keep New York safe while honoring the memory of his late father Jefferson Davis (Russell Richardson). After they stop Rhino (Fred Tatasciore) from escaping a prison convoy and leave him in the Roxxon Energy Corporation's custody, Peter entrusts Miles with protecting New York City for him while he helps his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson with her news coverage on Symkaria.

Miles returns home to celebrate Christmas with his mother Rio (Jacqueline Piñol) and best friends Ganke Lee (Griffin Puatu) and Phin Mason (Jasmin Savoy Brown). The next day, Miles attends his mother’s campaign rally, which is interrupted by the Underground, a high-tech terrorist group with a vendetta against Roxxon. During his first conflict with the two groups, Miles learns that Phin is leading the Underground as the "Tinkerer" to avenge the death of her late brother Rick (Todd Williams), who suffered from chemical poisoning while working on Roxxon's new energy source Nuform and was killed by Roxxon R&D Director Simon Krieger (Troy Baker) while trying to sabotage the project with Phin. With assistance from his estranged and overprotective uncle Aaron Davis, who deduces his identity and later reveals himself as the Prowler, Miles learns that she plans to ruin the company by destroying the newly-built Roxxon Plaza with Nuform to highlight the energy source's disastrous side-effects, which Krieger had been covering up.

Despite Phin inviting him into the Underground, Miles is eventually forced to tell her that he is Spider-Man, souring their friendship. Rio also learns Miles' identity, but supports her son. Despite the wedge between him and Phin, Miles tries to reconcile with her, but Roxxon abducts them with the aid of an enhanced Rhino. As Miles and Phin escape, Miles learns that Aaron is working for Roxxon and comes across Krieger's data and discovers he modified the plaza's Nuform reactor to destroy Harlem should Phin succeed. Phin almost kills Rhino after he mocks her family, but Miles intervenes. Incensed and refusing to deviate from her goal, Phin incapacitates Miles and leaves. On his way to stop her, Miles is captured by Aaron, who feels guilty about indirectly helping Roxxon abduct Miles and Phin and wants to protect his nephew by imprisoning him. Miles fights his way out, telling his uncle he cannot turn his back on people when they need him.

As both the Underground and Roxxon fight on the streets and Phin executes her plan, an inspired Aaron helps Rio evacuate Harlem while Miles confronts and defeats Phin before the Nuform reactor goes critical. Miles attempts to absorb the Nuform energy to negate the blast, but is unable to contain it. Seeing that the energy is going to kill Miles unless he releases it, a remorseful Phin flies him to a safe distance above the city, sacrificing herself in the process. Miles plummets to the ground and his identity is revealed to a small number of Harlem citizens he helped as Spider-Man, though they promise to keep his secret.

Four weeks later, Roxxon has been dealt numerous lawsuits and Krieger has been arrested following Aaron turning himself in and testifying against them in exchange for a reduced prison sentence. Peter returns from Symkaria and praises Miles for his growth and heroism before they head off to fight crime together.

In a mid-credits scene, former mayor Norman Osborn (Mark Rolston) demands his terminally ill son Harry be released from stasis, despite warnings from a reluctant Dr. Curt Connors. In an after-credits scene, Miles leaves an award he won with Phin atop Trinity Church in her memory.

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