Marvel’s Avengers First Impression Review

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Marvel’s Avengers is finally here and because it is so massive we decided to break up our review in two parts. This is the first impression review and in plus minus 30 days we will do another review to see how things have changed.

The first impression is astounding for the game and I cannot wait to play more and explore more. I even cannot wait for the new characters to arrive.

Marvel’s Avengers is a story-driven, third-person action-adventure game. Players will reassemble and rebuild their Avengers roster in an original, cinematic single-player campaign, then battle solo or online alongside friends in new missions around the globe. They can also customize Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and harness their unique powers to defend the world from escalating threats for years to come.



  • Amazing Story
  • Great character development


  • Time will tell on side missions


Story - 9.8
Graphics - 9
Audio - 9.4
Gameplay - 8.8
Replayability - 9

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