Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey Nintendo 3DS Review

The original Bowser's Inside Story came out in 2009, to rave reviews on its story and game mechanics. Fast forward to 2019 and we get the same loved '09 classic polished up a bit for the newer gen 3DS and with a new added story, Bowser Jr.'s Journey and support…

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Story - 90%
Graphics - 89%
Audio - 88%
Gameplay - 88%
Replayability - 86%


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The original Bowser’s Inside Story came out in 2009, to rave reviews on its story and game mechanics. Fast forward to 2019 and we get the same loved ’09 classic polished up a bit for the newer gen 3DS and with a new added story, Bowser Jr.’s Journey and support for your Amiibo’s.

So the story goes like this, The Mushroom Kingdom is overcome with an epidemic that is infecting all of the Toads. This Illness is called Blorbs and it makes the Toad’s swell up like big balloons. So Princess Peach called an emergency meeting, calling on all of her loyal subjects(that includes Mario, Luigi, Toadsworth and Starflow). As always Bowser was not invited and he decides to crash the meeting and gets himself kicked out by Mario. Obviously, he wants to get revenge(if it wasn’t for those meddling Brothers) and takes a “Lucky” mushroom from a very shady guy who also turns out to be Fawful. This actually turned out to be a vacuum mushroom and then starts “vacuums” Mario and everybody at the meeting.

This is where it all starts, you get to play as Mario and Luigi and also as Bowser, Bowser being the main walking around guy and Mario and Luigi is stuck in his gut. The RPG mechanics of the game is really fun, with it being a bit turn based. A fun thing that happened is when Bowser stops to drink water you get to swim around in his stomach smashing squids(how in hell they got there i don’t know). Bowser is also not a sissy when it comes to hitting objects in his path, with powerful punches and firebreath to back that up, no bad guy(in a sense) can stand up to him.

You can aslo level up your characters as you go along and even give them Items that will boost certain aspects of their stats. Speaking of boosting stats, if you have certain Amiibo’s and use them in the game you can unlock special items to use.

With this remake, Nintendo also added a side story(not included in the original Nintendo DS game) called Bowser Jr.’s Story, which follows Jr as he tries to get the remedy for blorb infection. The gameplay in Bowser Jr’s Story is real-time tactical skirmishes, where each soldier that you have is either a ranged, melee or flying unit. There is also special beans along the way that can boost your stats on your teams. You can also set certain Koopas as commanders, this gives these specific units special abilities(like calling up a shield or call down lightning in the battlefield).

Overall I am really impressed with both games, for R509 you get two games that is really fun to play and you can use it as a stepping board for guys that want to start playing Turn based RPG’s. The graphics is really well done and the same can be said of the sound. This is your local mad scientist signing out…..Now to get to the massive Bowser level!

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