Magneto: Not a Hero Graphic Novel


We are all familiar with Magneto and his ways. We have seen him labelled as a teacher, a terrorist, a mutant supremacist, a hero, and a villain – whether we have seen Magneto allying with the X-Men or leading the Brotherhood, we all know Magneto is a mutant force to be reckoned with. Time and time again we’ve seen Magneto fall from grace and turn on his X-Men allies. But what happens when a video of Magneto killing anti-mutant protesters at a rally goes viral across the Marvel Universe, leading to a direct order from the U.S president to Captain America demanding Magneto’s immediate detainment? Leaving Cyclops with few options when Captain America and Iron Man come knocking.



This is a brilliant story arc, for any Magneto fan, it really delves into some historical events from Magneto’s past, as faithful Magneto followers will know exactly who and what has led to these events. However, this certainly isn’t a story to be missed by the newer Magneto fans either. The story is told excellently, giving enough detail for new readers to follow and a great follow up for those older Magneto fans.



I’m not a huge fan of Clay Mann’s art style, however when splashed with David Curiel’s colours the book becomes a delight to read. There were several panels that I had to take a few moments to “decipher” what was actually happening between panels.



For R30.00 an issue this book was certainly worth it, however finding these individual issues can prove to be quite the task, as with any Marvel Limited Series. The easier option is to pick up the trade for roughly R125.00 which covers all four issues.



Outro- With so many X-titles to choose from this arc has been deemed as another way for MARVEL to lay the smackdown on your wallet, but this turned out to be an exceptionally great story, reminding us that even though Magneto reports to Cyclops and is an X-Man, he is still a force to be to be reckoned with, and needs no X-Man or X-Woman at his side when the chips are down.

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