Magic Mike Review

Work all day. Work it all night.

Fun Fact:The character of Tarzan, portrayed by Kevin Nash, wears a knee brace during his routine and goes with the idea that stripping is all his character knows and is doing it past his prime. This wasn’t in the script but came about when Nash showed up on set with the brace on and explained that he wouldn’t be able to do the routine properly unless he wore it. Kevin Nash is a professional wrestler with a history of knee problems



This is a movie for all the ladies
Mike (Channing Tatum / “The Vow” and “21 Jump Street” is a 30 year old entrepreneur by night he is known as Magic Mike, the sexy stripper and the star of club owner Dallas (Matthew McConaughey)

Dallas decides he wants to expand his business and move his entire team of talented sexy male strippers to Miami to increase his revenue and make more money. Meanwhile Mike finds fresh talent in the form of a boy named Adam (Alex Pettyfer). Adam is introduced and thrown into the deep end of the male stripper world in the process of becoming every woman’s fantasy, Adam soon falls prey to a world of drugs, sex and money.

Mike wants something more out of life so he is left with the difficult choice whether to stay in current lifestyle or leave it all behind for a real job in the real world outside of the glamorous stripper lifestyle.



Ladies wanting to have an “In Home” ladies night this is highly recommended as Mike and his fellow compatriots fail to disappoint. If you are a fan of “The Full Monty” and “Studio 54” this one is a must see for you.

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