Madden NFL 22 Review

Madden 22 is the latest entry into the Madden Franchise, updated in 22 with features such as Dynamic Gameday, Franchise Mode, and updated SuperStar X-Factors.

Gameday Momentum makes the game feel better and more realistic than ever.

Each team’s stadium provides its own unique home-field advantage in Madden 22, but there are also secondary momentum boosts that can be gained. Gameday Momentum makes everything feel more important, whether that’s a crucial stop or a big completion. The commentary itself far feels more natural and immersive as part of the full well-rounded experience than ever before. The halftime updates by Jonathan Coachman make the game feel really realistic and is a welcome addition to the game overall.

The gameplay itself also feels a lot clearer and things like Next Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI make you feel like an absolute pro playing the game. Madden 22 improves on the Madden Experience however under all the new features and updates the game still feels exactly like a madden game should.

The face of the franchise mode has also had an overall update in 22 and has new features like Player Classes and integrates with The Yard for stats updates and getting your player those much-needed XP boosts. The face of the Franchise in 22 now feels like a much more cinematic experience, with things such as your PR agent getting you deals with Nike for your own shoes, having to deal with the success or failures of the last game in post game interviews, and even your coach interaction. This can either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you want to play the game.

Final Thoughts

Madden 22 is hugely improved over 21 and all the new interactions and Next-Gen features bring the game to a whole new level on PS5 And XSX.


  • Next Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI
  • Dynamic Gameday


  • Game glitches are still prevalent in Madden 22
  • FOFT Cinematics could be a tad too much for some players


Story - 8
Graphics - 9
Audio - 10
Gameplay - 9
Replayability - 9

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