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LOL is a remake of the French movie (Lola). The story is about Lola aka LOL (Miley Cyrus), a 16 year old girl coming to grips with being a teenager in this day and age. Her mother played by (Demi Moore) is recently divorced, but is still seeing her ex-husband on the sly.



The movie takes us through Lola’s heartbreak with losing her boyfriend and finding a new love, experimenting with drugs and sex, and still putting up with her protective mother. A mother who is trying out the dating scene, raising three kids including a hormonal teenager, and still not sure about her relationship with her ex. Will mother and daughter see eye to eye? Will they find happiness in their love lives?



I personally did not think this movie was so great, although Miley did play her character (your typical selfish and self-centred teenager) well, I thought the movie was predictable. From the beginning of the movie, you knew how it was going to happen, you knew what was going to be happening in the middle and you knew how it would end. There were a few heartfelt moments where you were able to actually connect a little more with the characters but because this type of movie has been done so many times before it lost most of the connection for me. Demi Moore’s character (your typical concerned mother) was also played well but wasn’t enough to bring this movie up any higher in standards. This movie does have its place though, amongst the movies that your typical teenage daughter who is going through issues of her own would watch. I think that they will be able to connect to this movie better.

A typical teenage drama/romance, if I had to recommend this movie it would have to be for teenage girls and their mothers.

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