Logitech Washable Keyboard K310

A keyboard that you can wash! That was my first thought when they asked me to review this keyboard but what a blissful keyboard to work with.



The design and dynamic is effortless and the keys don’t even make a sound. This keyboard is easy to use and easy to set up – you just plug it in (No extra drivers are needed to install). The two tone colour on this unit makes it look fun and the keys – well you can’t miss them, they are a bright white with grey/black laser printing so that over years of use the print won’t fade or disappear. The laser engraved keys can last with up to 5 million keystroke before it will even start to fade this although we could not test as that would require a lot of typing :)

This keyboard is a little petite so if you have big fingers don’t even think of using it as your text will start looking like this “firutonaf;hfg;re” and yes you will then have a ‘huh’ moment. The K310 is not made for gaming as the keys are a bit further apart from your normal keyboard so it takes some time to get used to and might frustrate a lot of gamers.



Something else that is quite cool is the fact that you can wash this tech with soap and water – submersion in 30cm of water and guess what IT STILL WORKS. Woooohooo! This is great for the times when you have the cleaners clean your desk and messing water on the keyboard or maybe you are abit of a clouts and you leave that full glass of water right next to the keyboard! And we have all heard of someone spilling their coffee over their keyboard so with this one you can just wash it; leave it to dry, then it’s as good as new!



Last but not the least this neat piece of tech is great for office use and you won’t get smacked or told to ‘turn it down’ because your typing is so loud. The washable feature is also great for company use as well as the keys being able to take “punishment”. The price is a bit high but I think if a company invests in getting this keyboard especially for their admin departments it could save them some cash in the long run. Logitech really made an awesome piece of tech for everyday use.

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