Logitech Ultimate Ears Launch – Adrenalin Overload

Incredible Connection stores all around South Africa added the brand new Ultimate Ears range from Logitech to their shelves today (28 October 2015), which consists of the Roll, Boom 2 and Mega Boom 360 degree Wireless Speakers.

(MEGA)Boom! There it is…

I attended the launch event held at the Orlando Towers today (28 October 2015) where we were being treated to a complete sensory overload, and shown how this brand new range of speakers fits into any scenario of life, literally allowing you the opportunity to give your day a soundtrack, no matter where you go or what you are doing!

The focus of the day was entirely based on the “wild side” of living, and how this new Ultimate Ears range is the ideal music companion for your lifestyle, whether you are into extreme sports, pool parties, house parties, street parties, hiking, cycling and even wall/rock climbing. These speakers are not only attractive to look at, but are rigid and can take quite a beat-ing, because let’s face it, life happens while you are out there having a good time and making memories.

The event was attended by press, celebs and local marketing guru’s, and the presentation, activities, vibe and hosts were absolutely world class! I enjoyed every minute, my mind was blown too often for me to mention, and all I can say is Logitech and Ultimate Ears made a massive statement today, they are here to stay and they mean business. Thank you to Logitech, Ultimate Ears, Craving Novity and all the team members involved in today’s event for allowing us the opportunity to be part of a new step in personal evolution within a social setting.

Vlog entry detailing my adventure – worth the watch!

Image gallery of today’s setting

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