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It’s no secret that smart phones are starting to encroach on the handheld gaming market. Some smart phones out today are as powerful as an Xbox 360, so it makes sense that they would be getting more and more games released on them. The only problem is that most smart phones all share the same problem. And that is that they all usually have touch control interfaces, which is great when quickly texting a message or taking a selfie, but not so great for gaming on the move.

Logitech wants to solve that problem with the Powershell controller + battery. If you own an iPhone 5 or 5s you’re in luck as this is for you. At first glance the Powershell looks like a really long PS Vita, it has a D-Pad on the left and face buttons on the right with shoulder buttons to finish it off. In your hands it feels great, Logitech have obviously looked at what currently works in the handheld gaming market and adopted it which is good. There is even a checked rubber coating on the back to give you a little extra grip.



It feels fantastic to hold and with the phone loaded in place is pretty light weight. Slotting your phone in is almost effortless but getting it out does require a bit of force. There is a hole in the back to allow for pictures to be taken while keeping it in the powershell, so if you don’t mind doubling the size and weight of your iPhone  you can pretty much carry on using all its everyday functionality, as every button is accessible

One of the best features about the Powershell is that it will not eat into your precious battery life that isn’t great on an IPhone 5 to begin with. It has its own reachable power source built in that it feeds off of. So even if you were not interested in playing games but needed to make an important call and your battery is flat it can give you a full charge.


This might all sound great but the powershells main purpose is to give you proper gaming controls on the move and it certainly does well at doing that. Where it falls short is the amount of games you can actually play that are compatible with it. I quickly downloaded and fired up Max Payne as I thought that would make for a great experience with the Powershell. Sadly I was greeted with Max staring at a wall lifeless until I swiped the screen as it wasn’t supported

So before you run off and go buy one make sure that your favorite games that you intend to use it with are supported, which you can check right here. If it is on the list then the Powershell is a very comfortable and responsive device that is a bit cheaper than an actual handheld console and will cost you around R1500.



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