Logitech G815 Review

Over the past two weeks I’ve had the pleasure of testing out the Logitech G815.

The G815 is logitech’s attempt to bring a much sleeker, thinner keyboard to the gaming market, and I do believe they nailed it.

Its one of the thinnest full mechanical gaming keyboards out there, at only 22mm High this aluminium body keyboard has a reinforced steel base so its much heavier than you’d expect.

The G815 is a full size keyboard complete with numeric keys and the volume wheel ontop, The volume wheel however is made of plastic and doesn’t have a tactile feel to it either, So this seems like a missed opportunity considering the materials used on the rest of the keyboard. Under the volume key are still the windows media keys, Play,Pause,Stop Next and Previous these are now made of a rubber material which also does feel rather weird.



















The keyboard has a braided non detachable cable which users two USB Ports, it does however have a usb port on the physical keyboard so there’s no wasted ports there. This does make it a bit easier for USB Drives and or USB/Wireless Headsets.












The G815 Has Kept the Four Circular “M” Keys known to the Logitech gaming keyboard range to swap profiles on the keyboard. It also kept the game mode key (disables the windows key) and the Programmable G Keys to the left of the keyboard. The only thing that Logitech didn’t keep with this keyboard is the palmrest.

















Logitech are using new switches for the G815, They’ve swapped from Romer-G keys to new super low profile GL Clicky switches. The new GL Clicky switches have a very audible click compared to the old Romer G Switches so do be prepared for the noise complaints. The low profile switches also mean that the actuation time or key presses feel like they happen a lot faster on the G815.

I feel like this did help me when playing warzone aswell as performing day to day tasks like typing up this review.

There are however three varients of the G815 Switches, GL Tactile, GL Linear and GL Clicky. I myself got to play around with the GL Clicky so I cannot speak for the other two varients at this time, however it is good to note that you do have options when it comes to the switches.

Final Thoughts,


  • Premium design
  • Thinnest Mech Keyboard so far
  • Easy to use Logitech G Hub software
  • GL Clicky switches are audible and seem to activate much faster than normal switches.


  • Really, Really Pricey.
  • Sad quality on the media keys and volume scroller.

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