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When there's something strange, in your science lab... Who you gonna call? The Bug Butcher! Presenting The Bug Butcher, an Arcade-style Action Indie Shoot-'Em-Up game developed by Awfully Nice Studios, inspired by the classic "Super Pang" arcade game, where you need to shoot vertically in order to survive…

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Story - 70%
Humour - 78%
Soundtrack - 83%
Gameplay - 90%
Replayability - 92%



Who you gonna call?

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When there’s something strange, in your science lab…
Who you gonna call?
The Bug Butcher!

Presenting The Bug Butcher, an Arcade-style Action Indie Shoot-‘Em-Up game developed by Awfully Nice Studios, inspired by the classic “Super Pang” arcade game, where you need to shoot vertically in order to survive the hordes of deadly bug-aliens that come your way. You play as Harry, a Bug Exterminator with an attitude, and you have an orange radiation-suit (Half-life reference maybe?), and a wide collection of powerful guns and power-ups to help you conquer each level you are presented with, each becoming increasingly more difficult with new enemies that get introduced.

The gameplay is loads of fun. You can either play using an Xbox-controller, or use your old faithful keyboard. Sorry guys, no mouse controls this time. I have no complaints about this, because it gives you the classic arcade game feel where your buttons paired with your reflexes were your best friends. It’s the exact same in this situation where, depending on the difficulty level you have set your game, you need to prevent yourself from getting hit too many times or it’s game over and you need to retry the level again. The further you get in the stage, the more merciless the waves of enemies become.

And if that wasn’t reminiscent enough of the old arcade style of games, The Bug Butcher features a Local Co-op mode where you and a friend can sit next to each other and play on the same screen with either two Xbox-controllers, or the same keyboard, by sharing different sides of the keyboard, and compete for the best score and to reach the highest wave of bugs that you can until one, or both of you die, which can also be prevented by a revival system where you kick your buddy awake, unless the 5-second death-timer beats you to it. So essentially, it is Survival mode with two players.

There are three game modes. We have already covered the Two-player Co-op Survival Mode. What if you don’t have a second player to play Survival? There is also a Single-player Survival Mode, and both modes have very cleverly been named “Panic” for it’s chaotic feel, needing to survive wave after unforgiving wave of bugs. Then of course, you get the Classic Arcade Mode, which is where you get the story/mission section of the game. You are able to upgrade your gear in each of these modes with the coins that you collect in-game, and after you have succeeded in a level, or reached as far as you were able to in Survival mode, your score gets uploaded to the Steam Leaderboard where you can see how you fared against other players around the world, or amongst your friends.

The humour in the game is very enjoyable, loaded with sarcasm to be exact. Here is an example of the humour you could find in the game:

The cartoonish 2D art is very charming, and the Soundtrack is successful in how it gets you into the zone of bug-shooting mayhem. Every gameplay element was well thought of has you craving just one more level every time you successfully finish a level. The Bug Butcher is an immensely fun game with loads of Replayability value, and I would recommend this game to absolutely anyone.

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Additional Information

Reviewed on: PC
Available on: PC, Mac, Linux
Genre: Arcade Action Indie
Age Rating: All
Publisher/Developer: Awfully Nice Studios
Estimated RRP: R87.00
Release Date: 19 January 2016


  • Bug-slaying Mayhem!
  • The amazing soundtrack.
  • Charming 2D Models and Humour.


  • That I can’t find much to dislike…

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