Kingdom Hearts III Review

The Kingdom Hearts series is one that has a great following and is a great mix of East meets West with the Disney pop culture mixing in with the Japanese game culture mostly known with JRPG games. Although Kingdom Hearts III is numbered three, it is the twelfth instalment in…

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Story - 95%
Graphics - 85%
Audio - 92%
Gameplay - 88%
Replayability - 80%


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GES Recommended Award

The Kingdom Hearts series is one that has a great following and is a great mix of East meets West with the Disney pop culture mixing in with the Japanese game culture mostly known with JRPG games. Although Kingdom Hearts III is numbered three, it is the twelfth instalment in the series and promises to be the conclusion for the Dark Seeker Saga.

There has been a long wait Kingdom Hearts III as the planning started after the release of Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix. KH3 was finally announced in 2013 and now we can finally play it. Usually with a big anticipated title like this comes a big expectation, so you will probably read a lot about the game in the coming weeks. Let’s get on with my review…

I will not waste time talking about the tremendous story line of Kingdom Hearts as it will take hours for us to discuss that alone. I will say that the game continues the story line and as I wrote above it promises to end of the Dark Seeker Saga. Let’s touch on how the game and story starts then we will go from there.

As you start the game, Sora fails to complete his Mark of Mastery in Dream Drop Distance. In this process Sora also lost a lot of his Strength so Yen Sid send him off along with his friends Goofy and Donald Duck, on a quest to regain it. From the get go, you will see that the game has a lot of content, as you play in the beginning and get options for some tutorial assistance there is also an option that pops up that reads “Help me remember” In this option you can play videos that will give a summary of the past storylines and what happened. I find this very cool as you can jog up the old noggin with info and then get into the heat of things.

There is a lot of cutscenes in the game which is really cool but at times you just want to get on with the action. Save points can also be a bit scarce at times so be sure you look out for these glowing lights and save when you can. Usually you will also find a Moogle shop close to save points, be sure to stock up on items you might require like health potions and to check if there is any new weapon stock for Goofy or Donald.

To travel between worlds you will again use a Gummiship, the editor has also been improved for the Gummishop and you can easily lose a few hours working on a new design or editing some templates. You also get a new Gummiphone to use on your travels to be able to communicate with the bigger team. With the phone you can capture photos, there are some rare emblems that you need to find and take photos of and the moogles will also ask for some specific photos as well. You will get rewards for taking these photos but apart from that you can take photos of whatever you like. The Gummiphone also has some other cool stuff like info on characters and enemies and the ability to play classic games “minigames”. These games can be found all over the worlds and is a nice addition and something to provide a little break.

After visiting a specific world, you will find the bistro, a new place where you can create some delicious meals for the team with various ingredients collected. I found this really cool as every dish you create you will go into a minigame to prepare the dish. The team will get bonus effects by eating meals that last a certain time and extra bonuses can be achieved by creating full course meals. I won’t spoil anything else of the Bistro as it is a cool journey to unlock it.

The character, equipment and inventory work like expected from most JRPG games, the menu makes sense and there is a little exclamation mark if there is something new. The only difference I would’ve done is for the exclamation mark to disappear after you have highlighted the new item. Most things work the same as before with little differences.

The look of the game is great and I enjoyed how the characters sometimes looks different when visiting specific worlds. The story progresses on a steady pace and all the side stories of the different world tie in very well. One flaw for me is that the game can be to easy, most of the times Sora will feel more powerful than the enemies you face.

Kingdom Hearts III delivers on what was expected, and epic story with great worlds to explore and awesome characters. There are very little they could have done to improve the game which is always a great sign. Definitely a game that sets the benchmark for the year.

Reviewed on: PS4
Genre: Role-Playing
Release Date: 29 January 2019
Publisher: Square Enix

Likes: A great story, wonderful worlds and characters.

Dislikes: Difficulty can be to easy at times

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