Jurassic World Evolution 2 Review

We all know the tune and Dr. Hammond saying “Welcome…. To Jurassic Park!” whenever we see anything Dinosaur-related, but what we did not expect, was the improvement Frontier did moving from Jurassic World Evolution to Evolution 2. This might not be a AAA game, but in its Genre, it can definitely be a AAA Game.


Sony has provided us with this long-anticipated game to review, but some of our reviewers just did not want to wait for a code and bought the game on PC, giving us 2 platforms to provide the players with a more accurate review.

Starting with the Graphics, it is a beautiful game, we are used to Dino’s eating, hunting, and attacking with the same default animation, but in JWE2 each Dino feels like it has to flex upon leaving the hatchery, not to mention the eating mechanics especially of the carnivores are unique, you would not see a T-Rex and Ceratosaurus hunting and eating their prey the same way, some Dino’s will just chomp the poor sheep, while others want to bash it with their heads 1st, with regards to Dino’s attacking each other you can witness this on one of the Chaos Theory missions where a group of Velociraptors attacks a Spinosaurus, you could see the Spino trying to throw and bite them off his body, while the raptors cling onto him at different parts of his body simultaneously. With regards to Audio, it is difficult to differentiate actual storms outside of your home, or in-game.


We can see that Frontier went and added some of its Planet Zoo mechanics into the building mechanics of the game as you can do minor adjustments to get your park as close to perfect as possible, although the controls on a PS5 does not feel as precise as on a Mouse and Keyboard.


Further from this we head into the diets, it is no longer just vegans and meat lovers, you will also get sushi-loving dino’s on land, sea, and air. The ability to now be able to create the gigantic Mosasaurus or deadly airborn Dino’s is what draws so many to this game, only to be surprised with the biggest mistake ever made also to be in this game, the Indominus Rex. And trust me, even if the cohab says Raptors love him, he doesn’t like ANYTHING and will cause more than just headaches.


Moving onto game modes, there is so much to choose from and we have listed them below for you to easily figure out which ones would be your cup of prehistoric tea:

Sandbox – Create a park in your own time, and if you are creating a second park, not to worry as your research will pull through to this park as well and you can move dino’s from one park to another

Challenge – You will be given 1 main Goal to work towards, but you will have Contract opportunities, events, and a time limit to achieve the main goal for the park, of course with some obstacles like only being allowed to use Herbivores for your park.

Campaign – A new story for you to play through leading on from the tragedy of Jurassic World

Chaos Theory – The most hyped game mode of the game, you will be put into all the Jurassic Park/World Movies and try not to make the same mistakes that have already been done


Final Thoughts: A great Sandbox game worth investing hours into, personally I’m struggling not being able to click and move my browser pages at the moment, gorgeous graphics with the little details making a big difference at the end, might not be as easy to maneuver with a console remote over a mouse and keyboard but worthy to be called an AAA game in its own genre.


  • Each Dino Hunts uniquely
  • Great Audio
  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Can keep one entertained for hours


  • Controller might not be as precise with movements
  • Sometimes Dino's will show alerts involving their cohab with no cohab issues


Story - 7.6
Graphics - 7.4
Audio - 8
Gameplay - 6.8
Replayability - 8.4
Lover of MOBAs and FPS type games, very competitive type player who enjoys games that also has some complexity added to them, would spend hours on end farming on a game such as Warframe, BDO, Elite Dangerous or any other game in that line.

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