Jurassic World Dominion: Prologue Breakdown

The film has been shot during the pandemic, this explains to us why the 1st scene shown to us was decided and discussed to be a glimpse of dinosaurs in their natural habitat 65 million years ago.

The team working on this movie did massive amounts of research for this film and answered some questions that ties in as answers to both all the previous movies and games such as Jurassic World Evolution 1 & 2.

Questions were answered such as Dinosaurs having either hair or feathers back then and why they do not now, Director of Jurassic World Dominion, Colin Trevorrow, advised that Dinosaurs did possibly have hair or feathers on their body but due to the genome modification from modern animals and amphibians used to complete the genome sequence caused them to not have it now in the movies/games.

Furthermore Universal was all for Trevor and the team’s idea of having this short glimpse in the past. They believe that this short film gives us a better understanding and context for the little time we have spent on this earth.

Trevor also advised that through all the comments and requests on social media from fans asking why not this dino or cant they introduce this dino into their movies, they always felt like they needed to keep some in their pockets, and in this movie, they took out all the stops on and will be showing us several dinos they have been holding out on till this moment for the movie.

They advised that they believe that we bring too much of our human instincts into Dinosaurs which means they are always fighting, after doing tons of research they have found that this was not always their nature and that they would even be sharing water sources with each other.

Having Trevor as the director for the movie feels like it might just be the perfect fit as he himself admitted to being a dinosaur nerd means that we will be rewarded with not just a stunning movie but with accurate information and interactions between the dinosaurs, such as the possible cohabitations and mutualism as shown when the smaller dinosaur was cleaning in between the teeth of a massive Carnivore.

Trevor also advised that he lived in Vermont and advised that in this region they did find the drive-in movie theatres tends to be outside of the town, closest to nature, to make the scene of the T-rex showing up at the theatre more believable as the noises and bright lights would’ve drawn its attention.

The moment the T-rex roaring in front of the screen a lot of us would be overlooking, although Trevor advised us that this scene with total carnage that’s erupting from this Theatre the Dino was not giving off the dominance type roar like we are used to seeing from a T-rex, but more a confusing and stressed roar.

The best part of the movie personally was not only to the shooting of the movie being based on not us visiting the Dinosaurs in their world but they coming to ours has a unique take to it and might set this movie apart from the rest, but we will also see our favorite actors again from the original Jurassic Park Movies such as Ian Malcolm, Dr. Grant and Ellie playing a huge part in this movie along with the Jurassic World Actors.

The main idea of the prologue was to honor not just the T-rex but the entire cast having everyone from all the series being honored as well.

With this being shared with us one can’t help but to be excited for the movie and what this would include as a result for possible future DLCs for the Jurassic World Evolution 2.

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