It’s Official we’re going to get a New Guitar Hero game!

It has been 4 years since you last played with your plastic guitar, thinking it was the real deal and not caring what other people think of how you looked. Did you feel disappointed in 2011 when Activision said that Guitar Hero is going on hiatus? Well fear no more as there is a new one coming out some time this year!!! The development of the game is handled this time by FreeStyleGames(they made DJ Hero and DJ Hero 2) and from the trailer it looks like it is going to be really good.Photo: are some new features that are a step closer to the game feeling like you actually at a rock concert! FreeStyleGames actually went and captured live audience to react to your playing style, from playing like the gods to getting booed of the stage it is all there.

O and did I forget to mention that your view is from the freaking stage, a first person view of all the action! If you are getting tired of being booed then the GHTV might be your thing. Now you might ask what GHTV is, well it is a 24-hour music video network that you can play along to official music videos! This library of music videos will be updated continually and it also services as Guitar Heros Live's multiplayer function, where you can challenge Uncle Bob in the UK to Pietie and the gang from Boksburg. Most interesting for me, is the new controller design. FreeStyleGames has decided to ditch the old controller completely and go with a complete button redesign. Instead of 6 buttons in a row you actually have 3 buttons on top of each other. This in theory will give you a nice funky chord progression for your expert players, something for your mid players and then 3 buttons for the beginner player.Guitar Hero Live_Guitar ControllerThere is also going to be a very nice lineup of Artists and venues to feature in the game.
Here are some of the confirmed artists to feature:
The Black Keys
Fall Out Boy
My Chemical Romance
Gary Clark Jr.
Green Day
Ed Sheeran
The War on Drugs
The Killers
The Rolling Stones
The Lumineers
Pierce the Veil and
Blitz Kids.

There will be more artists to be announced as we get closer to the release of the game, but from the confirmed bands so far I am really happy about the Stones and Green Day! Guitar Hero Live will be available on PS4, Xbox One, the Wii U and even for last gen consoles(Ps3 and Xbox-360)!!! What about the slightly bit more daring guy that just really can't live without their Guitar Hero Live? Well you are also in luck as it will be coming out on selected Mobile devices.

I can't wait to get this game, it looks like it will be loads of fun! This is your local Mad Scientist Signing out.....Now who do I have to bribe to get this game…

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