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Injustice 2 Review – Ultimate Fighter

One of my all-time favorite developers are NetherRealm, since the first Mortal Kombat came out I was hooked and an Uber fan of the series. Expanding with the Injustice series into the DC universe is just as Awesome as I’m a massive comic enthusiast as well. I almost get the feeling…

The Crit

Story - 98%
Graphics - 93%
Audio - 96%
Gameplay - 98%
Replayability - 100%



User Rating: 4.55 ( 1 votes)

GES Recommended AwardOne of my all-time favorite developers are NetherRealm, since the first Mortal Kombat came out I was hooked and an Uber fan of the series. Expanding with the Injustice series into the DC universe is just as Awesome as I’m a massive comic enthusiast as well. I almost get the feeling that sometimes they can read my mind.

Obviously, I was sold on the first game and enjoyed it very much, there was some things they could have done better but overall it was a cool game. Injustice 2 on the other hand is a whole new beast on its own. Not only did they bring in gear/equipment but they have restructured the whole ladder/challenge system.

We will go into a little more detail on that later. First, I would like to chat about the story, look and feel of Injustice 2. The story of Injustice: Gods among us grabbed everyone and not just by the game but even in the comics as well. It also raises a valid question what would Superman do if Louise got murdered by a villain, would he go insane, would he go all vigilante or would he still be a boy scout? The Injustice story line goes the darker route where Superman goes into a militant approach against crime and punishes the guilty by death. Injustice 2’s story continues this epic journey from the first and it brings even more pathways and variables into play. It is a great story to get into and that you can take even further with the comics.

The game looks great as well and with the gear/equipment system it adds so much customization to the characters. You can now take Supergirl for instance and give her the colour scheme of your choosing together with a look that you want form the equipment/gear you earned. Some of the great iconic stages return with some little changes as the world changed, and there are some new stages as well. Stage transition also returns with some great new animations.

Now to the gameplay, it works and it works great! It is easy to get the grasp with the button layout and special and combo moves can flow if you practise it enough. As with all fighting games, there is a groove to get used to but the Injustice 2 gameplay is solid. There is great balance in the characters and counters you can perform. There might be little issues here and there with some exploits of characters but these are easily addressed with updates. I would still love to see finishing moves to be added to the Injustice series, nothing as brutal as Fatalities like in Mortal Combat but something similar. As an example, instead of having the supermove, change it to a finishing move and give each character a few different ones. Maybe they can even have “Friendships” ;p

Now on to the juicy bit. The Multiverse and gear/equipment. New to Injustice 2 is that you can earn gear for your characters. These gear can alter stats, the look and abilities of the character, the gear also come in classes like common, rare and epic. As you play with a character they will gain experience and level up, the gear you earn also has a level and a character must be the same or a higher level as what the gear is. It adds so much more to the game although it is such a “little” thing but being able to customize your favourite hero to look the way you want them to is something special. On top of that you can also unlock shaders, changing the colour scheme of the character.

There are some other cools things you can do to gear like transforming them to look like another piece of gear. You can even “level up” that favourite level 1 headpiece to be the same level as your character now and it might even get some stronger stats. Epic gear sets give your character extra bonusses when it is equipped. Ability gear will change moves or give the character new ones. This adds another level of customization and depth.

The Multiverse is the new mode that they brought in to replace challenges or towers. It fits perfectly to the DC universe as The Multiverse exists there. Different challenges will arise in the multiverse that you can partake in and each challenge has its own requirements and rewards. Some of the events that arise will have a few challenges to complete to complete the whole event. There is one constant event that will stay and that is the Battle simulator, here you will find the more traditional challenge modes like survival or endless mode.

Apart from the multiverse that will keep you busy there is the online and versus modes that will keep you busy with other players, all the modes that we want and expect can be found here. Guilds is also new to the Injustice series and works roughly the same as what it does in MK X. The guild also has its own multiverse challenges that will reward the whole guild.

Here is a little video I did of a Multiverse event with one of my favorite characters, Supergirl:

Injustice 2 is a fully beefed up fighter with everything we want in a fighter, epic characters, epic modes, customization, online/multiplayer and rewards. It will keep you busy for months to come and with DLC still in the pipeline who knows how long it will keep you busy. This is definitely on top of my play pile for the next few months and first in line when friends come around.

Additional Information

Reviewed on: PS4
Available on: PS4, Xbox One
Genre: Fighting
Age Rating: Mature +
Publisher/Developer: Warner Bros / NetherRealm
Estimated RRP: R849
Release Date: 19 May 2017


  • Gear / Equipment / Customization
  • Multiverse!


  • More character (Evil Laugh)

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