Immortals Fenyx Rising: A New God DLC Review

Immortals Fenyx Rising was probably one of my favorite games that Ubisoft Released in the past year.

The lore and setting interested me immensely and they pulled off the game perfectly.

Fast Forward to January 2021 and They’ve released the First DLC on their Extremely Diverse Roadmap.

Titled A New God, the DLC takes place just after the events in the main game. Major Spoiler Alert if you have not Finished the main game. Do not play the dlc. Finish the main game first then come back.

If you have finished the main game, You’ll know it ends with Fenyx having gotten their new powers and embracing the fact that they are a child of Zeus. Now in order for Fenyx to finally join the inner pantheon and earn their place. They must impress all four of the gods they rescued in the main game… Again.

The new story takes place in Olympus and features no exploration, rather more focused on the story. You also lose access to all armor and weapons you earned in the main story and are thrown into the DLC with only default armor. You once again earn armor through trials and combat. You’ll also get the chance to change Fenyx’s appearance on starting the new DLC.

The new Gameplay is more focused on Puzzles more than Exploration and it seemingly doubles down on this, making the puzzles much tougher than they were in the main game. This is likely to emphasize on the Trials and the rise of Fenyx to the Pantheon. Especially as this is her final chapter in her story. Players who loved the Puzzles in the main game are in for a lot more of the same, With much less combat in this DLC.


  • Finishing Fenyx’s Story Felt Really Meaningful
  • New Puzzles are harder and take longer to finish


  • Puzzles might not be for Everyone
  • Very Very Minimum Exploration


Story - 9
Graphics - 9
Audio - 8
Gameplay - 7
Replayability - 5

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